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Hypocrisy On The Ten Commandments

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

Their hypocrisy is amazing! You see how they contradict themselves? Jay
Sekulow saying that other religions displaying their documents stifle
free speech. How so? These hypocrites say they believe in freedom of
religion and freedom of speech. They throw a fit whenever anyone else
interferes with their freedom but yet they want to oppress others. This
is not of God. God is all about freedom. He wants people to worship him
out of freedom, not out of bondage or by force. These neocons like
Sekulow are fascist dominionists trying to force a godless theocracy
like the old catholic church was. No doubt things are leading to that
the way the religious right has totally embraced catholics. They
celebrate catholic traditions like LENT and call the pope HOLY FATHER,
which is blasphemy. Jesus said to call no man father, much less holy
father. God does not want the vanity of just an outward show but wants
the hearts of the people. In Isaiah God says that he hates their evil
assemblies. I believe modern America is in the same state as Judah was
at that time, much injustice to the poor and child sacrifices
(abortion). This is good that we are not a part of these evil
assemblies. It is the same now. They have their worship services which
is all vanity while all along they support corrupton and turn a blind
eye to all the wickdness around them. Before I was confused about false
religions like catholics being anti-abortion but now I understand. Not
just them but also the protestants too is nothing but a outward display
of self righteousness, like how the pharisees did, to be seen of men.
These hypocrites make a big hooplah without any results. Just like over
gay marriage they make a fuss while accepting gay unions, which is the
same thing. If they were really sincere about what they claim they
believe they would not be silent about Bush and would realize that Bush
is actually opposite of what he claims. The Cheneys are living proof of
their hypocrisy about homosexuals. All these hypocrites do is blame
democrats. They blame them for our oil problems, saying it is the
leftist environmentalists. So the president of the United States, the
most powerful position in the world is helpless to do anything? That is
a total lie! People have to be awfully stupid to believe that. Bush has
made several executive orders for only stuff that matters to him, which
are none of these other causes that the religious right tout. That shows
you where his heart is at. He has also embraced global warming and these
lying neocon hypocrites say nothing of that. Global warming is only evil
when it comes from Al Gore or any other democrat, not a republican. Are
they ever going to be judged for their hypocrisy. What is extremely
hypocritical of the religious right is that they themselves are
paganistic in that they are idolaters themselves to which they are not
truly forcing God on anyone but only their warped and wicked god, that
is not the God of the bible. God has more respect for honest heathens
than he does these vile contemptuous imposters that are leading souls to
hell through their lies. This is why Jesus hates the lukewarm and either
wishes you were hot or cold because that gives him something to work
with. The lukewarm are totally useless and seem to be another class of
the unforgiveable types like that of false teachers. Both are similar in
that they cannot be convicted of sin so they are doomed to their

This morning I was in the Supreme Court with internationally known constitutional lawyer Jay Sekulow when the High Court announced it will hear the most consequential Ten Commandments case yet.

The City of Pleasant Grove v. Summum case focuses on a monument of the Ten Commandments in a public park in Utah. A pagan cult has demanded that because the Supreme Court allowed the Ten Commandments to remain in the park (a 2005 case), the city must “balance” it with a pagan monument.

Jay and his legal team will argue ordering such a “balance” will actually stifle free speech.

Nothing in the Constitution requires every Ten Commandments monument to have an opposite monument next to it. It’s absurd.

In a video blog posted to our website today, I talk with Jay Sekulow about the issues in this vital case.

Please click here and watch this important video—then immediately forward this notice to your family, friends and fellow church members.

Ask them to pray and notify others who care about the moral and constitutional foundations of our country!

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There will be a lot of news on this—be sure to stay informed so you can pray and act!

I will be back with more.

Your grateful missionary to elected and appointed officials,

Rev. Rob Schenck

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