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A Former Witch Looks At The Lord Of The Rings

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

This article goes deep. This is from a former witch that is familiar
with the occult. I have seen all of the LOTR trilogy and even the
extended versions on DVD and have seen one or two of them at the box
office. As far far as the effects and cinematography was impressive.
Peter Jackson is great and a stickler to detail. I love his version of
KING KONG. Storywise was okay. I guess people can read anything they
want into it. My question is why do these authors rely on the world of
the occult to try to get a point across? Did you know that Tolkien has
inspired DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS and is considered to be the father of
these occultic role playing games? I heard someone mention that the
other night on COAST TO COAST so I did searches myself and found out
that it is true. Those like a lot of Christians I know are a bit hypocritical (and I guess I
was at some point too, but was ignorant) by all out condemning Harry
Potter while fully behind Tolkien. He was a catholic. I don’t know if
you knew that. To me not just LOTR but also some of their other stories
didn’t set right with me. Like NARNIA (C.S.LEWIS). I get it that the
lion as Christ’s symbol of the LION OF JUDAH but was filled with all
these abominable creatures like CENTAURS (half man, half horse) and
SATYRS (half man, half goat), which are the demonic offspring of fallen
angels and animals as mentioned in the BOOK OF THE GIANTS or some of
those other books. I have no problem if that is shown in proper context,
but to show them as good innocent people is not in proper context. I
have seen a movie that spoofed Narnia that really made me think. Even
though this movie was raunchy and vile it portrayed those characters as
being products of beastiality, and had a good point. So any way you look
at it whether fallen angel or man mating with animals or genetic
experiment, it is all an abomination unto God. I have heard the excuse
that these authors were not aware of the ties between fanasy and the
occult. How could they not when they have occultic items and spells all
throughout their stories? What will really come as a shocker that is
mentioned in this reveals a possible source of Bush’s witchcraft. He has
one of the LOTR ring that he wears that is supposed to unite people
under darkness. That is one of the most diabolical and incidious plans I
ever heard. But just look around and that seems to be exactly what has
happened. This is maybe why the bushbots are so evil and blind because
they are mesmerised by Bush’s witchcraft. Even after I have told them
about what is going on they go back and listen to these liars (neocon
talk shows) like a dog back to its vomit. When we look at the apostate
church and all these pseudo-religious organizations like FOCUS ON THE
FAMILY give high praise to this then we know something is wrong. As far
as the LOTR goes I can take it or leave it, which means I have no
problem leaving it. When you glorify the occult through these so called
harmless tales that can lead to no good. What I would love to see is a
movie about the great tribuation, but not all the weak attempts we see
like in the christian movie industry. Besides pityful effects stuff that
comes from TBN and the apostate church will always corrupt and distort
it. We need someone like Peter Jackson that sticks to details. He would
make an awesome movie about Revelations or the like. Jesus warned
against calling evil good and that is what you are doing if you call a
wizard good. This kind of blaspemy is nothing new. I heard that it was
Enoch that inspired the so called good wizard Merlin character as well
as the pagan god Hermes. I really don’t quite understand what that is
all about. But you know they did the same thing with Jesus’ apostles.
Like Peter and Paul people thought were the gods Mars and Apollo. But
yet they did not compromise by promoting anything occultic.

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