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Are We Headed For Jericho? by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on March 30, 2008

Wow! This is a powerful revealing article by Chuck. I am like him by the
fact I don’t keep up with network television myself because we don’t
have cable or satellite and so I can’t pick up the major networks like
CBS, NBC, and FOX. I can barely get ABC. But I guess this will change
when or if we decide to get the mandatory digital tv box, which I assume
can get equal reception on all channels. Maybe then I can watch this
show, Jericho. What was really startling was tha Chuck said that Iraq
veterans told him that they had to be ready to turn the guns on the
american people. All the others involved in this war are either are not
privy to this info or they are deliberate liars. I also wasn’t aware of
that statement from Benjamin Franklin “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience
to God.” All these hypocrites try to use all those scriptures of
submission to authority to submit to tyrants. Of course in their own
standards are hypocrites because they give high praise to our founding
fathers, who were rebels. We would not have this country now if our
forefathers didn’t rebel against authority. I know, I still get confused
over some of those scriptures, probably because they have been so taken
out of context that they seem to lose their true meaning. If the
scriptures about authority or anyone grumbling was how hypocrites
portray then the bible is the most divided book ever because according
to these dstortions all the prophets were grumblers and faultfinders.
They didn’t submit to authoriy. If they had they would not have been
persecuted and martyred. Jesus was the biggest rebel. He disrespected
Herod by calling him THAT FOX (Luke 13:33). So despite all the
distortions I just look at the characters of Jesus and his disciples
when I can’t understand all that is written that seems to contradict
their very own characters. Some scriptures encourage rebuke while others
seem to condemn it.

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A friend recently turned me on to the CBS television series, Jericho.
I watch so little network television that I confess to never having
seen the show before this week. Obviously, then, I am quite uninformed
as to the overall plot and previous episodes. What I saw Tuesday
evening, however, stunned me. Why? Because it very aptly depicted what
could become a very real-life scenario for these United States in the
not-so-distant future.

If I accurately picked up the basic plot of the show, average,
freedom-loving citizens in the Western U.S. are fighting against
tyrannical elements of their own government, including military
forces. The State of Texas has declared its independence from the
corrupt new government and another civil war is breaking out in
America. And all this was predicated upon a nuclear attack, which some
believed was an inside job. Am I close?

Contributing further to my amazement was the way Jericho used
real-life political events to depict America’s fall into tyranny. I
was flabbergasted to see the characters of Jericho refer to the
Continuity of Government act as the foundation for the government’s
declaration of martial law after the nuclear attack had occurred.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Continuity of Government (COG) act is not
television make-believe: it is the real deal.

To read up on COG, go to Wikipedia’s entry at

In addition, I have reported the potential problems associated with
COG in this column.


See also

Here is a quote from the Wikipedia entry: “The George W. Bush
administration put the Continuity of Operations plan into effect for
the first time directly following the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Their implementation involves a rotating staff of 75 to 150 senior
officials and other government workers from every Cabinet department
and other parts of the executive branch in two secure bunkers on the
East Coast . . . .

“The Bush Administration officially admitted the implementation of the
plan on March 1, 2002. Key congressional leaders say they didn’t know
this government-in-waiting had been established.

“On July 18, 2007 Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., a member of the U. S.
House Committee on Homeland Security, was denied access to the
classified version of the continuity of government plan. Though
members can access classified information, this is the first time
documents have been denied.”

As I wrote on January 12, 2007, “In a nutshell, proponents of COG
envision a terrorist attack that would precipitate the suspension of
the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, COG would authorize Congress to
appoint its own members, including those in state legislatures,
without a vote of the people. COG even envisions the enactment of such
authority for reasons of ‘incapacitation’ (whatever that is) even if
no emergency exists.”

Noted author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, wrote this of Bush’s enactment of COG,
“Translated into layman’s terms, when the president determines a
national emergency has occurred, the president can declare to the
office of the presidency powers usually assumed by dictators to direct
any and all government and business activities until the emergency is
declared over.”

Contrary to the ranting of politicians and media talking heads about
how great things are going in these United States, millions of
Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the total corruption,
crookedness, and chicanery of government officials. They have had it
with being lied to, cheated, and beaten down with thousands of rules,
regulations, and laws, which serve only to empower the political and
business elite. They do not trust any of their politicians to tell
them the truth. Their money and jobs are disappearing; their children
are being brainwashed in government schools; their homes and property
are being taxed out of existence; and even their country’s very
sovereignty is being forfeited to foreign interests. I believe the
level of frustration and anger is rising to the point that a Jericho
scenario could very easily occur.

I personally believe there are only three reasons why we are not
already living the Jericho experience. One, people have been quite
comfortable in their own personal lifestyles. They have enjoyed
comfortable homes, nice automobiles, fine clothes, and pleasure-filled
vacations. Who in their right mind wants to give up the tranquility of
hearth and home? Two, most of America still rests upon a Christian
foundation. As such, Americans believe in peace and harmony. They
believe in law and order. They believe in submitting to authority.
Three, there has not been an overt, large-scale attempt by government
to confiscate the firearms of the American people. Remember, it was
the Crown’s attempted gun confiscation at Concord that ignited the
American Revolution back in 1775.

However, the materialistic comfort of the average American is quickly
fading away. People are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their
homes, and their savings. More than that, they are losing hope for a
better tomorrow, and they are losing confidence in their government to
honestly protect their freedoms–even their national identity.

Plus, most Christians know that there is such a thing as lawful
rebellion. Even Christ’s early disciples said no to various
governments during extreme situations. And for us Americans, freedom
and liberty runs deep in our veins. Many of us have not buried our
Don’t Tread On Me banners. We share the sentiment of Benjamin Franklin
who said, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

Furthermore, Hurricane Katrina put the American people on notice that
their government is more than willing to confiscate their firearms.
Plus, the forthcoming Supreme Court ruling regarding the right to keep
and bear arms is likely to authorize even tighter government
regulation on this fundamental right. Even more disconcerting are the
reports we are hearing from soldiers coming home from Iraq and
Afghanistan telling us that they are being told to prepare for orders
to turn their weapons on the American people, should the President
declare martial law. (I have had more than one Iraq War veteran tell
me this.)

I am afraid that the CBS television series Jericho is more than
fantasy: it could be a prediction of the future. As Thomas Jefferson
said, “I tremble for my country.”

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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