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The Benny Hinn File

Posted by soldierservant on March 27, 2008

This is real HEAVY stuff. This has got pictures to back up the claims.
According to this Benny Hinn is a demonic hindu. Even his own children
get scared during his so called anointing. It is no wonder why my family
is so messed up when they follow after these religious devils. That is
why nothing rational ever penetrates their thoughts. The thing of it is
is that they are even so hypocritical when it comes to that because they
never go to either church. Copeland’s church is in our neck of the woods
in a town right next to ours. You would think if they are that devoted
that they would try to find it and go to it. I say MORE POWER to Senator
Grassly for investigating them. Whatever his motives may be I hope God
can use that anyway to expose these frauds. That liar Copeland said that
this was an attack on religion when it is not. It is an attack on
CHARLATANS! Christians aren’t threatened by this, just these phonies. I
hear that Copeland is a billionaire. You know the vatican come out with
a new list of sins. One of them was material excess. Wow! That would put
Copeland at the top. Of course that is a bit hypocritical too coming
from an all wealthy pope an church themselves. I would forward this to
my family but I know they would not accept it. They, like I’m sure you
know by now, will not except any amount of evidence to change them. You
know when they support Bush after what he has done to Jerusalem, there
is no hope for such people. I even heard that Hal Lindsey come out
against Bush’s roadmap plan as arrogant and evil and will cause
destruction of this country. Their love of lies will be their undoing.
Copeland and Hinn are the top targets and are the top deceivers, and my
family follow after both like blind fools. Do you know anyone personally
that are into these phonies? I am curious if any of the neocons you know
follow after these religious charlatans too? God may be using Grassley
to expose these top frauds. God is giving us ample warning and judgment
will come on those who ignore Him.

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