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Speaking The Truth In Love

Posted by soldierservant on March 27, 2008

This is an excellent article I came across. This explains that true love
is the whole counsel of God. This exposes the heresy of the feelgood
positivity doctrines that pretend that true love is withholding the
truth to spare other’s feelings. I admit that I have not understood a
lot of those scriptures because they always came across to me as all
this feelgood newage fluff. This article helped clear that up for me.
That fluff is the kind of feelgood nonsense my family is into. I guess I
had been lied to so much it is even hard to read scripture right. But we
all know by example how Jesus and the apostles were opposite of fluff.
That was why it seem like there was so much contradiction in those
scriptures. Even with this it is still hard to understand some of the
scriptures. You have scriptures that tell you to speak up then others
that tell you to be quiet. It can’t be both so must be translation
errors or something. I know that they may be refering to different
situations but the bible really doesn’t make it clear in a lot of cases
where everything is generalized as the same. It is almost like that
saying that the more you learn the less you know. Just like Proverbs
mostly condemns the rich but then there are ones that praise the rich
and stereotypes the poor as bums. If the bible was more clear on all
matters it could not be taken out of context like it is. That is how
these rich televangelists get away with their lies because they use
scriptures right out of the bible. Even from the very words of Jesus
like when he said that those who leave family, houses, and material
things will receive a hundred fold in this life. I guess the only thing
is that Jesus said to give all to the poor, not to rich preachers. You
know those snakes would take houses and everything. It is no wonder why
Jesus called them ravenous wolves.

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