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Possible Ice Age Coming?

Posted by soldierservant on March 27, 2008

You can probably find all kinds of websites on this subject. I have
heard that many scientists think we are headed toward an iceage. This
recent winter had record ice and snowfall not just here in this country
but all around the world. I heard that China has had devastating amount
of snow that has cause many deaths and many roofs to collapse because
they were not made to handle the weight of much snow, especially if it
rain afterward. The biggest problem from this is that this will cause
worldwide famine. This seems to confirm what scriptures says because
Jesus said in the last days there will be famine. We know that famine
has always existed in third world countries so we know that what Jesus
was talking about was out of the ordinary and will affect a lot of
people. So it is probably a good idea to stock up on food. That is a
good idea anyway because of the ever increasing prices on food and any
other number of possible disasters. If Jesus gave so much warning about
these end times then that probably means we will not escape it through a
rapture. If there are so many scriptures talking about us holding fast
till the end then that would seem to indicate that there will not be a
rapture, or at least not when we think, because there would be no trying
of our faith. This kind of makes me wonder that the church may be
responsible for so many false conversions because they promise everyone
a rapture to escape and have this easy way out. How hard these days will
be for those who believe this and are not prepared. Such will have no
roots to the truth of God. If the bible teaches us anything it teaches
us to not be irresponsible and lazy but to be diligent and vigilant.
What would we have to be vigilant for? A rapture? If the rapture was
meant to keep us from all this then we would not have to be vigilant for
anything. Things are getting pretty interesting but not very pleasant. I
am praying for you and hope you and your family are doing good in these
troubled times. I think my family doesn’t have a clue. We have had a few
good breaks. I am still trying to reach them but very gradually. They
have to realize the truth when things get really bad. We are already
heading there with gas at least $112 a barrel and maybe higher now.
Before this war was at $25 a barrel. That is more proof how this war is
bad for us. You have probably heard about these super rich companies
bailing out with our taxes that happen on Saint Patrick’s Day that most
of the neocons are all silent on. To the likes of Rush these scoundrels
are the good guys. I think when we as a country start to suffer from
this coming famine I don’t think these fools will be concerned about
Iraq when they will have to worry about their own lives and what they
will have to eat. Can you imagine these fools while starving to death
saying that we have to stay the course over there? But then they prove
the level of stupidity already unimaginable, so it is possible because
of how warped these warmongering Bush idolaters are. Today my family was
praising Bush and I just had to say something because enough was enough
and I held my peace for a long time. I told them about what Hal Lindsey
said about Bush’s roadmap plan being arrogant and evil as well the Title
X funding that the majority of the republican party voted for. That
pretty much shut them up. My mom made a comment about just having to
pray. Funny that they never say that about democrats. I told her that
you do not support murderers. When all the neocon fools stand before God
can they seriously think that their support for this corrupt war is
going to go in their favor? It will go against them. The wicked and lazy
servant is the one who takes everything at face value and does not judge
wisely. They have not sought God or His word. They actually despise His
word because of all that they avoid from it. They are willing
accomplices to all these false christs and false prophets. Had they
truly known God they would know that Bush is an imposter by his open
wicked fruits.

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