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Now TBN Allows Those That Deny The Deity Of Jesus Christ On Their Airwaves!

Posted by soldierservant on March 27, 2008

Wow! This article says TBN had guests on that deny the deity of Christ.
Jospeh Good is one and who sounds like one of these jewish sabbatarians
that say Jesus true name is Yeshua. What is the point of them making a
big deal about his name if they deny his deity? There is no power in a
name that isn’t. Using the name of Yeshua is equivalent to that of a
catholic saint or pagan deity. False religions like this promote the
name of Yeshua, which probably is in fact a name of a demon. Yeshua has
to bow to the name of Jesus, PRAISE GOD! ALL THESE FALSE GODS WILL BOW

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