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Posted by soldierservant on March 27, 2008

The more I find out about these characters the worse they seem. Hinn is
claiming that Jesus will appear physically in his crusades. Wow! This
touches on stuff I had been on lately, like in the Matt.24 message about
false christs and false miracles. The author of these articles is really
good and balanced but are a bit misguided in thinking that there is any
hope for such as these. I really can’t find any evidence whatsoever in
scripture that says such men will ever change. The scriptures say the
opposite because they will be accountable for every soul they lead
astray. When the bible talks about these ravening wolves it never says
the will repent or change but that their conscience has been seared.
Also Jesus said that saltless salt is good for nothing and will be
discarded. He also said that the blind lead the blind and both fall in
the ditch. Well if there is little hope for the deceived then what hope
do those who deceive have? Do you know of any scripture that says there
is hope for deceivers? I know, through God all things are possible. But
I really don’t think there is hope for those who do blatant witchcraft
in the name of the Holy Spirit, the unpardonable sin, as well as an

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