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AntiChips: Protest VeriChip And VeriMed!

Posted by soldierservant on March 1, 2008

I am hearing this woman talk about her site here and all that is going
on on COAST TO COAST. Government and businesses are really trying to
push this thing through. She doesn’t believe about the rapture saving
all christians from this, to which she is herself. She says that there
are even megachurches using scanning technology to keep track of
children in sunday school. She even says that Walmart is pushing this.
Maybe this is the reason they are becoming a monoply. That hits too
close to home because we are out in the middle of nowhere where Walmart
is all we have close by. In fact my dad works for them. The place you
should really avoid is Dillards because they sell stuff with those chips
in them. Homeland security is wanting to do this too. I hear about
people getting stopped on our highways like in communist countries. We
are losing all our freedoms and the mark of the beast is upon us but
most of the church is asleep and think they will escape this. That is
why I think that a lot of the church will be fooled into taking this
mark thinking they can be passive because they think they will be gone.
That is why most churches would not get involved with her protests. Now
maybe she is right or maybe she is wrong, but there is no excuse to take
a passive attitude about this. I am recording this show but I doubt that
my family will accept this. All these neocon types think that everything
about this government is godly and christian and that all corporations
are innocent. This proves how blind they are, just like my original
message of THE BLINDED MASSES. If you ever hear any of these neocon
shows you know that a lot of them sound like nazis. Like this one little
runt mouthes off that anyone says anything bad about this country is
unpatriotic. You can just hear the hatred and murder in their voices. If
it were up to them they would kill all those who do not agree with them.
It is flat demonic. These are the kind of bozos that will say not taking
the mark of the beast is unpatriotic. Man, it is all coming down the
pike, isn’t it? I am not too sure about the rapture myself because I
have believed the reason for all the UFO activity was to explain the
rapture away as alien abductions to those left behind. Why would there
be a need for this if all christians were to be beheaded? All the alien
deception would be for nothing. My belief has been that the christians
during this time were either new converts or lukewarm christians. No
matter what anyone believes we just have to impress upon everybody not
to take that mark.

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