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America Is Satan’s Theocracy: Image of the Beast ALIVE in the USA!

Posted by soldierservant on March 1, 2008

Christians you are going to love this. This is powerful information exposing the
modern state of the church. After reading this you will know why none of
the churches speak out on this adminstration’s corruption. This also
exposes the faith based initiatives as tools for manipulating churches.
I knew Bush was up to no good with that program. This also says Pat
Robertson is a catholic jesuit that is working for Rome. Lately
everything I have been hearing sounds like most of the propagation of
the beast will come from the church itself. Well Revelations talks about
standing before the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. But you know we are led to
believe that it will be some pagan group like muslims that will be the
agents of the antichrist, but I don’t think so, at least not anymore. I
have also been hearing that the rapture is a deception to create false
sense of security for christians. Jesus never really said much about the
rapture, but only hard times. But all these christians I have been
hearing on COAST TO COAST have been saying these same things. Like
Kathrine Albrecht and Steve Quayle. He said that those who believe in
the rapture is spiritual laziness. Christ did warn about persecution but
these ignoramouses think they will escape it. Things are really going to
get wierd and disturbing. There is talk about trying to bring back the
NEPHILIM. Jesus said that these end times would be like the days of
Noah. I can’t see anyone’s reasoning that we are living in great times
when those days of Noah were not great but horrible. I will try to look
into more stuff because there is just so much to try to take in. But at
least we will not be taken off guard because we know what to expect.
Those who are counting on the rapture will be in a state of shock. Maybe
that is the delusion God sends them. Or maybe it is Bush himself. After
reading this you will know it is worthless to try to go to a regular
church institution. Maybe just the home churches or whatever. Who knows,
it may be this institution that will try to get people to take the mark
of the beast. Man, this stuff really makes you think. You can feel free
to post this if you want. I haven’t read it all but what I have seems
right on. Now I realize this seems to be from sabbitarian types but
there is no dogmatic legalism tied to this, so it is not overemphasized.
There was another real interesting article I debated on sending you
because while it had really good stuff in it there was some erroneous
stuff too, which I would not want posted. I even come across a good
secular site and their point of view about all the religious hypocrisy
going on. All that is going on is very telling about people’s fruit.
Like the neocons that think they are saved but really care nothing for
the lost and their hypocrisy causes others to stumble from ever knowing
the truth. There is so much stubborness and pride. They woud rather keep
glorifyig their lies than to lead a soul to Christ. How can such selfish
arrogant fools think they are actually saved when they don’t have the
fruits of the spirit? People think hatred as screaming at everyone and
being mean but it is not like that at all. All there needs for hatred is
just denial of truth. No concern or compassion, either physically or
spiritually. It doesn’t matter how nice you are if you are willing fo
souls to be damned. People are worried about this administration setting
up a theocracy. The point is that all that they see is just imposters.
They are not real christians in government. They are only using religion
to push their evil and eventually the beast. It is only a theocracy of
the beast, not Christ, that people need to worry about.

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