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George Bush Still Betraying The Troops!

Posted by soldierservant on February 22, 2008

You know all that money going to this war and our military is still
lacking in armor and nearly everything else. This proves what a fraud
this war is and Bush too. All those who are promoting this war like Mike
Evans will not mention any stuff like this. Either he is an ignoramous
or he is deliberately working for the antichrist. This hypocrite rightly
calls attention to Bush dividing Jerusalem but then turns around and
supports his bogus war? These hypocrites say that leaving Iraq would be
a mess. It is more of a mess the longer we are there. It seems like this
whole world is going mad. I have left him some of these sites exposing
this war for what it is so he will have no excuse. I have noticed the
excitement around Obama. Even one of our former Dallas Cowboys, Emit
Smith, is strongly endorsing him, and he is a professing christian. Many
christians seem to support him. I can see how people might be fooled and
think they will see real change when it is actually all the same. Most
are just puppets of wicked elitists. At least Obama has some charisma to
get all kinds of endorsements, like from celebrities while all these
loser neocons everyone is so sick of has no such endorsements. McCain is
older than when Reagan first ran. But people will go nuts for the same
old slop as long as it has a good package and a good lie. At least they
seem fed up with the Clinton/Bush dynasties. On personality alone I
would almost vote for Obama, but of course I know that is only a
façade. After the sham of 2000, I don’t know why any would bother to
vote when they know that it is not likely that the popular votes count
for anything.

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