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Pastor Chuck Baldwin: A Two-Party Death Grip

Posted by soldierservant on February 15, 2008

It is a great point that he brought out about George Washington warning
against lockstepping to a two party system. What I’ve hear is that both
George Washington and Abe Lincoln were masons. In fact the bible that
the presidents are sworn in by is Washington’s masonic bible. Maybe that
explains why we never get any true christians in office. Ours seem to be
an ungodly system that caters and is led by the ungodly. It is proved by
how it has corrupted the churches. Nothing has corrupted the churches
like politics has. Of course it also factors in with greed and those in
love with the corruption of this world, which is basically all the same
thing. In this Chuck also mentions James Dobson, who is tied in with
that newager Syung Moon. If people just look a little deeper at our
religious right leaders they will realize that they are all imposters
and why they go along with this corrupt system. I have a name for all of
them: “NEOCONS.” This is why people really need to wake up and be sure
you know who you are following lest you partake in the deeds of
darkness, knowingly or unknowingly. Jesus said that the blind lead the
blind and both fall in the ditch (hell). That indicates that ignorance
will not save you or justify you. Those who blindly go along with this
corrupt system are no different than the heathen that are blind to their
own evil. There will be a price for those who are not sincere in truly
serving God. Most of these popular religious leaders are tied in with
newage leaders like Syung Moon or are high level freemasons themselves.
Jesus said that we will know them by their fruits. If you hear any of
them spouting partisan politics then they are charlatans. I heard a
preacher on a local christian TV station sounded really good at first
but then went into clintonbashing, like it was the 1990’s, without one
word about the corruption of Bush. He is an example of what I am talking
about. Proverbs warned against those who tip the scales, using different
standards for different people. Also speaks against favoritism. This is
all throughout the bible. Jesus spoke against this as well. Jesus said
that only the truth will set you free. Anyone following these liars are
not really free. Those in deception prove their fruits more ways than
one. Just like how Jesus warned against the leaven of the pharisees. He
said just a little bit corrupts the whole batch, as well as the little
foxes that spoil the vine. Who can argue the wisdom of Jesus? If He had
more true followers we would not be in the mess that we are in now.

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It is time to say it: the two major parties hold a death grip on the
American people. Instead of representing the people, both the
Republican and Democrat parties are bought and paid for by special
interest groups and multinational corporations. Neither party pays any
attention to the U.S. Constitution but both are largely marching in
lockstep toward bigger and bigger government. Both Republicans and
Democrats eagerly sacrifice what’s good for the country for what’s
good for the party. As they now exist, neither major party deserves
the support of patriotic Americans.

Furthermore, blind allegiance to the two major parties has created a
“lesser of two evils” mindset that has warped the thinking and
perverted the values of otherwise good people. What people would never
accept in any other venue of society, they gladly and willingly accept
from their chosen party’s candidates.

People expect honesty and integrity from clergymen, bankers, doctors,
businessmen, realtors, journalists, and even used car salesmen. Those
same people, however, quickly tolerate and even excuse dishonesty and
chicanery from their chosen political party.

Ever since George W. Bush became President of these United States, I
have watched in disbelief as my fellow Christian conservatives have
not only looked the other way as Bush repeatedly betrayed
conservative/constitutional principles, but have willingly and
enthusiastically supported his apostasy. Many of them are continuing
to do the same thing by supporting the Big-Government, pro-amnesty,
pro-gun control, pro-100-year war, grubby candidacy of John McCain.
Good grief! Pat Robertson even endorsed the soiled candidacy of the
liberal cross-dresser, Rudy Giuliani.

It is clear, therefore, that conservatives are more than willing to
support and defend someone they know to be unfaithful to both their
oath of office and to bedrock conservative principles. In other words,
it does not matter a whit to them whether their candidate tells the
truth, obeys the Constitution, or even demonstrates fidelity to the
fundamental principles of liberty. If he has an “R” behind his name,
conservatives will support him.

However, the same people who will justify dishonesty in the lives of
their favored party’s politicians would never accept such conduct from
anyone else. Furthermore, many of these conservatives actually call
themselves Christians; many are preachers. They preach and teach the
virtues of honesty and integrity from the pulpit. They teach boys and
girls to be honest and virtuous: to put the principles of right above
personal wealth or benefit. Then, they turn around and support these
lying politicians, many of whom are fornicating, greedy, arrogant
reprobates. What is even more amazing is that they find no
inconsistency with what they are doing.

In his Farewell Address, our first and greatest President, George
Washington, eloquently lobbied the American people to guard against
over-infatuation with political parties. Anyone reading his warnings
today will be impressed with his insight and wisdom. Virtually
everything he predicted has come to pass. Blind loyalty to political
parties has corrupted our public institutions, blinded the hearts and
minds of the American people, and opened wide the door to undue
foreign influence.

If everyone who believes and teaches honesty and accountability would
put it into practice when they walk into the voting booth, we could
put a stop to this pathetic practice of electing dishonest and
despicable people to high public office. Instead of hiding their own
character and integrity under the bushel basket of party partisanship,
voters could be proud of the fact that they are actually helping to
set the ship of state aright by electing men and women of honesty and

Although I do not share this opinion, many people believe Abraham
Lincoln to be one of America’s greatest presidents (I think he was one
of the worst). Personal opinion aside, it is a fact that Lincoln’s
election and subsequent influence upon this country was huge.
Therefore, it is more than significant to realize that Lincoln was
first elected from a four-person race with only 39% of the popular
vote. Even more significant is the fact that at that time the
Republican Party was a minor party, having been formed only a few
years earlier. So much for the argument that a minor party cannot win
a major election.

In practically every Presidential election, there are candidates from
a variety of independent or “third” parties on the ballot. To ignore
them merely because they are not Republicans or Democrats is absurd.
Furthermore, it is more than obvious that the GOP will not tolerate
principled candidates running for President. The recent Presidential
candidacies of Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Alan Keyes, and Ron Paul
make this abundantly clear.

While it may still be appropriate to support state and local
Republican candidates, at the Presidential level, it is waste of
time–and a wasted vote–to support the establishment Republican
candidates. They are all Big-Government liberals. Yes, that includes
Mike Huckabee.

I recommend that people seriously consider voting for a Third Party
candidate this November. Start by taking a close look at the
Constitution Party.

The Constitution Party (the third largest political party in America)
has a proven track record of fidelity to pro-life, conservative
principles and to constitutional government. I further believe it is
time for principled columnists and journalists such as Charley Reese
to start encouraging voters to support principled, independent
candidates. The same goes for leaders of the Religious Right such as
Tony Perkins, James Dobson, and Phyllis Schlafly. For them to continue
to ignore good, independent candidates only serves to strengthen and
augment the two-party death grip.

It is more than interesting that more people are currently registered
as Independents than either Republican or Democrat. But it is not
enough to register as an Independent, we must start voting
Independent. Remember, the object is to elect honest and honorable
leaders for our country, not to promote and protect the private
agendas of the fat cats who control the two major parties.

It increasingly appears that the two major parties will force the
American people to choose between the fascistic John McCain or the
Marxist Barack Obama. Is that really the kind of choice we are willing
to accept? Are we really content to continue to vote the “party line,”
no matter what damage results?

Let’s face it, folks: the two major parties are strangling the life
out of this country. It is indeed a death grip. Something drastic must
be done, and it must be done NOW! Since it does not appear that either
major party is salvageable (at the national level), it is up to “We
the people” to take matters into our own hands. This means bypassing
the mainstream press and relying more on the Internet for our news and
information. And it means bypassing the two major parties and voting
for Independent candidates for President.

If Michael Bloomberg throws his hat in the Presidential ring, it will
already be a three-man race. A strong independent conservative
contender would make it a viable four-man race (just like 1860). At
that point, anything could happen. But first, we must awaken to the
reality of the two-party death grip, and then decide to do something
about it. I am ready. How about you? Chuck Baldwin

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