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So Many Liars And Hypocrites On The Right

Posted by soldierservant on February 11, 2008

I just wanted to add something about Ann Coulter. I came across a site
that says she is a nymphomaniac having sex with several guys. Also a
drunk. This is from someone that supposedly related to her and knows
what she is really like. It is all an act, like her pretending to be
christian. Those of us who are true christians know that she is not one
of us. It works both ways, the world recognizes their own, which
includes these religious hypocrites, as well as those who are in the
body of Christ will recognize our own, because by their fruit we shall
know them. So you know what kind of liars these religious hypocrites are
that deny this and call Jesus a liar. Also that Michael Savage is so
full of it. I think he is all talk. He mentioned about starting his own
NATIONALIST PARTY but then sucks up to Mitt Romney. Why would he do that
if he is starting his own party? Even if he was able to carry out those
plans it would be fruitless because he is godless. He is nothing but a
dreamer. Sure, he reads from the bible, but then turns around and says
that most religions are all the same. While even the bible tells us to
conduct ourselves with tolerance, that doesn’t man we promote the lies
as truth. Liars like him think it is intolerant to tell the truth. The
way things are going it will soon be a crime to tell the truth. A nation
of liars will get what it deserves. Sorry if I am not optimistic enough
but I witness so much bull around and know that there will be a price
for all this wickedness, especially when it is coming from the church
itself. Those who expect the best of outcomes are mocking God because
His word says that we will reap what we sow. Even the books of the
prophets expose false optimism as a lie. It has been predicted that
McCain would get the republican ticket and it looks like that may be
right on. Since the neocons rant on about him that will make for an
interesting election. If this doesn’t wake people up to charade that all
this politics is then nothing will. I like to see how these liars that
claim to be christian will conduct themselves. We’ll see if they will
submit to an admitted non-christian. Of course they will always come up
with some bs excuse or other. They hate the truth, they hate God, and
they will reap what they sow!

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