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McCain Will Win Nomination, But Lose Election

Posted by soldierservant on February 11, 2008

Even though the info in this is a little old it is good, even the
comments. It seems like it is going as predicted that McCain will get
the nomination because Huckabee doesn’t have that kind of support. As
usual the neocons will vote for McCain, which proves them to be the
hypocrites they are. After all their ranting against him they will still
support him. This shows what liars they all are. But it is also
predicted that McCain will not win the general election. I guess because
he can not generate enough interest for people to show up to vote for
him. But among neocons they are easily wooed by any talk of war. It
seems like McCain promises an unending war, which must be a major turn
on for all the warmongers. Maybe they will get their wish and reap what
they sow. Like I said before that no matter who gets in, democrat or
republican, war will continue on, proving that the parties are basically
the same. It is a total lie that war is the only way to defeat
terrorism. No, that only spreads further terrorism. The bible says that
Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy. You can’t beat the devil by
lowering yourself to his level. The only and best way is to stop funding
them through our taxes and oil dependency. I hear this liar Hannity
saying that he is not a part of the establishment. Why is he so
defensive? He doth protest too much. This proves he is. I also hear that
Ann Coulter is supporting Hillary. Well I had read that she was a former
democrat, which proves she is a total fake. All these neocons are doing
themselves in now by showing their true colors.

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