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Homelessness Has Increased Under George W. Bush Just Like Reagan!

Posted by soldierservant on February 11, 2008

There are numberous sites that prove that homelessness has increased
under Bush. Even though a lot of this may come from liberals with bias
we know this is true. I am sure there were quite a few homeless under
Clinton but it no doubt has skyrocketed under Bush. Dallas has 5,000
homeless. This is proof that the neocon system is oppressing the poor.
While I don’t agree with liberal policies creating government
dependency, they are responsible for our economy by creating jobs, not
outsourcing them. All of Bush’s careless spending has caused destruction
to our currency. The only reason for him to do this is to push his new
world order by changing or currency to the AMERO with a north american
union. Same reason why there is no border security, at least not from
the federal government. We still have the rest of the year and a lot can
happen. It may not go as most think it will. All it takes is some kind
of disaster (real or staged) and then martial law. The bible says that a
divided house cannot stand. We are divided as ever. The local
governments fighting the federal government, like over illegals. The
parties are divided among themselves. It is just a matter of time that
we will reap what we sow.

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