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George Bush Lies On Why There Are No Funds To Help The Poor!

Posted by soldierservant on February 11, 2008

This liar, Bush, says that he cannot add on $44 billion to help the less
fortunate when he has probably given that much or more to the bogus
AFRICA AIDS scam (he spends so much I can’t keep track of it) and then
around a trillion on the war. Bush can give billions to bloodthirsty
dictators and terrorists but he can’t for our own poor. This proves how
evil he is and those that cheer him on in this oppression of the poor.
Even for the money they are supposedly spending on this war there is no
accounting for because the military have been denied benefits, been told
to give back some of their sign on bonuses, and have inadequate armor
and ammunition. Just where is all that money going to? Everything of
this administration is a lie, and we know where all liars go.

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