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Rush Limbaugh Preaches A Secular Political Prosperity Gospel!

Posted by soldierservant on February 5, 2008

Those Branch Davidians in Waco were a cult. But they were harmless
though. That kind of force should not be used unless it was a murderous
cult. Our government pretends as though it is a theocracy, which it
isn’t. The only theocracy that works is when Jesus returns. The only
theocracy now is that of the antichrist. I hear really bizarre stuff on
the coast to coast show, exposing ads promoting the antichrist. Several
times they get good christians on there talking about the end times.
There is one that is good I just heard recently from
that seemed right on in prophecy. This guy was saying that he can’t wait
for Jesus’ return to destroy the wickedness from this world. Man, you
know he is the real deal unlike these hypocrite neocons that glorify
this antichrist system of oppressing the poor. I had to laugh because I
heard a little of Rush today and he was offended that he was called an
elitist. In other words he is offended at the truth. I know for a fact
that he is an elitist because I have heard him several times saying that
anyone can be rich if they want to and that those who are not are living
off the government, which is a total lie because I am living proof of
how false that is. I am dirt poor and I am not collecting anything from
the government. I can’t afford a doctor and even then they will not
properly diagose me with the physical problems I have. Rush acts like
private sector rich people are more virtuos than the government. That is
a crock because they are tied in together. Fools like this act like all
the rich are saints or something, which proves his religion of greed. As
you well know Proverbs deals with all the corruption of the rich. We see
it everyday, celebrities getting out of their crimes because they have
the money to buy off the judge. This wicked system that favors the rich
will be held in judgment for oppressing me and others like me that this
corrupt capitalistic greedmonger system is guilty of. When they stand
before God all will be exposed for what they are. Every kind of liar
will be exposed and judged.

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