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Neocons Just As Godless As Atheists

Posted by soldierservant on January 29, 2008

You know what, neocons are just as godless as the atheists. Take Ann Coulter. She
wrote that “Godless” book, but she claims that Mormons are Christians
and hates Jews. She is a pharisee talking about the mote in someone
else’s eye before taking the beam out of hers. I am still praying for
some of the Christians that I know that support the war. God is
graceful, though, so maybe Bush leaving office will open their eyes. I
hate to say it, but for people like that it would actually be better if
Barack or Hillary wins. So long as a Republican is in office, they will
support him and claim he is a Christian. They are only going to oppose
evil if a Democrat is in office. Kinda makes me hope that Jesus comes
back while a Democrat is in office, for the sake of the Christians that
are being deceived and lied to. That sounds strange, I do not know, but
God is a graceful loving merciful God that is slow to anger, so that is
why I have faith that some of these Bush supporting Christians will see
their eyes opened. Don’t get me wrong, I am not rooting for Obama or
Clinton, I am just thinking that if it does happen then an upside to
their wicked administrations will be Christians won’t support them. I
don’t see any upside to a McCain or Romney presidency. , , , ,

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