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George Bush’s Empty Promises: WHY DO THEY SUPPORT HIM?!?!?!?!

Posted by soldierservant on January 29, 2008

Just like Bush, everything was built on empty promises. Bush was going
to reduce size of government, not expand it further than Clinton did. We
were promised the iraqi oil through this war, so where is it? It is all
lies. Even a simpleton can figure it out which shows how low the IQ of
bushbots must be embarrasingly low. I don’t know how such morons can
even survive when they continue to support Bush who divides Jerusalem
and sells out our country and die for nothing in this false war. I don’t
give a crap what all the lying propaganda says about our military being
heroes. They are fools and suckers doing the bidding of the antichrist
and they will reap what they sow. We know good and well what goes on in
the military these days with women allowed in there. There is a lot of
adultery and fornicaton. The are screwing each other in foxholes and
such. So you know it is a total lie about them being saints and family
oriented and all. My friend was in the navy and he lost his innocense
because of it. I know all about that so these neocons aren’t fooling me
any. I get so sick of seeing the slogans like “we must support our
troops”. I ask WHY? WHY MUST WE SUPPORT THEM? If they are stupid to
throw their life away for an antichrist like Bush that does not get my
support. They have made their choice to follow Satan and I will not be
an accomplice to this evil. These are more examples of evil giving. Like
making donations to these political organizations and parties. Like Bush
giving to evil dictators. I guess it takes one to know one.

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