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Peggy Noonan: George W. Bush Destroyed The Republican Party!

Posted by soldierservant on January 28, 2008

Even some of the former bushbots like Peggy Noonan is finally waking up
to reality. I hear that dems hate the Clintons as well. I don’t think
there will be any turnout at all for the elections unless by some
miracle at the last minute a polarizing figure comes on the scene. It is
no wonder why people have become so cynical after all the louts we’ve
had to run for office. It is almost a requirement to be a good for
nothing in order to make president. That used to be a lofty position but
now is the butt of jokes. Savage talks about 16 years of destruction
from both Clinton and Bush and he is right about that. The presidency
has gone downhill since Clinton and Bush has not restored honor to the
position that claimed he would do but instead has brought further shame
to the position. I am not sure where Rush stands. He seems like he may
be wishy-washy, but Hannity is a pure dope, goosestepping party loyalist
that is lying about our economy doing great when any fool can see that
it is not. This fool is counting down to election day. Counting down to
what? What a fool if he thinks anyone cares. It is hard to tell where
the majority stands since I am constantly surrounded by idiots and not
much chance to get out!

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