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Large Asteroid to Fly Past Earth: Repent And Give Your Life To Jesus Christ For The End Is Near!

Posted by soldierservant on January 26, 2008

On January 29 a large asteroid will pass between the earth and the moon,
coming pretty close. These are definitely the signs in the heavens that
Jesus talked about. People better get right with God because only God’s
grace is saving us from all kinds of potential disasters such as
asteroids. You might have also heard about the ufos in Stevenville,TX. I
didn’t see anything myself because I am not sure where it is. I believe
there was something because as usual our lying governent/military
complex is denying and covering up like they did back in Roswell. One of
the witnesses was threatened by the military not to say anything about
it. They can’t tell me that there is no cover-up. You are right about
Bush being extremely evil. If you ever catch up with all the stuff I
forwarded to you you will see why. Those secret societies are the
ultimate evil. There is no hope of salvation for such because those like
SKULL & BONES commit the unpardonable sin. So they are fully aware of
what evil they are doing and will not be forgiven. Just like the
antichrist himself will not be forgiven. SKULL & BONES is an american
version of the THULE SOCIETY that Hitler was in, so you know that he
could not have been saved like all the lying preachers that said he
could have been saved. Others like the ILLUMINATI are luciferians that
believe that Satan will win over God and take his place. Are they ever
in for the shock of their lives. Makes you wonder if even Satan believes
his own lies. Even though these societies are supposedly separate they
seem like they are tied in with each other. Bush has been affiliated
with the ILLUMINATI as well as SKULL & BONES because he was involved in
their eternal flame rekindling at burial sites. These societies are also
homosexual. It seems like a requirement to follow Satan (officially) is
to be homosexual. Bush’s fruits expose him like all the homosexual
propagation you have been telling me falls totally in line with the
homosexual satanist societies that he has been in. For anyone to say
that Bush is God’s anointed is pure blasphemy.

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