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The Blind And The Dead: Greedy TV Preachers Leading People To Destruction

Posted by soldierservant on January 22, 2008

This is a great article. Although I now Texe Marrs has been off on some
things, he is right on this. He says to play this video for the
followers of these imposters but I think it would still do no good
concernng my family. They’d probably enjoy it and think it is good or
they’ll accuse it of being doctored up. They seem to be even more
prediposed to these charlatans than even Bush. It is funny that one time
I caught one of those brief clips from TBN they play as a commercial
where some preacher that was conversing with Dwight Thompson was saying
that if Jesus was around today he would be out in the streets and not in
these megachurches. Wow, these fools don’t even now they are cutting
their own throats. I thought TBN was one of the largest propagators of
these megachurches. These fools may do themselves in. They are full of
contradictions. Did you know that John Hagee has been a guest on Michael
Savage a few times? Of course he does the usual “support Israel” mantra,
to which of course I agree, but never mentions about he dual covenant he
believes or that Bush is responsible for betraying Israel. What a
hypocrite! Claiming to support Israel while he still supports Bush.
These hypocrites’ days are numbered. Well I praise God that the phony
religious right have lost a lot of clout now because people are seeing
through their lies. And we should praise God and keep doing what we can to lead the masses away
from these liars from hell.

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