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Rambo Sylvester Stallone On Michael Savage

Posted by soldierservant on January 22, 2008

I heard Sylvester Stallone on the Savage Nation last night plugging his
new movie. This led to the discussion of our government’s weak
leadership and the american people desiring a rambo-type leader. This
kind of stuff is pointless and mere fantasizing. I grew up on stuff like
these rambo movies, but it is exactly that, a fantasy. He talked about
the point of this movie is to know our enemies and get people worked up
over this. He talked about it being the most ignored genocide in the
world. I strongly disagree. I think this nation’s abortion industry is
the largest ignored genocide going on. Anybody that keeps with any world
events know what a horrible world we are living in. It is fruitless to
get worked up in the flesh over it. Why stop at the Bermese when
exposing evil? It is total hypocrisy to ignore our own injustices while
focusing on another’s. What fool thinks we are going to save any other
people whether they are bermese,iraqis, or whatever if we cannot even
save ourselves? Why don’t they come out with movies exposing this
nation’s injustices, like what really goes on with abortion? Because
they are all lying hypocrites that don’t want the american people to get
outraged at abortion. Why aren’t there any christian movies out there
that reveal the truth about where all who reject Christ will end up for
eternity, and the truth about hell? It seems most of them are involved
in this corruption and diversionary tactics to keep people from the real
truth. Of course I believe in justice but it is not going to come from
the whole corrupt establishment. If you want to get worked up then go
out and try to be a Rambo and see where that gets you in the real world.
I believe prayer is the answer but God only hears the prayers of the
fervently righteous. He does not hear the prayers of hypocrites. Unless
everyone repents and gets right with God and live holy lives unto Him,
the injustices will never end. There is a reason why Paul told us not to
wrestle and war in the flesh because he knew it was fruitless. It is a
neverending cycle of violence with each side wiping each other out. Only
through God can things ever change, but it is up to us to make that
choice since He will not force Himself on you, but will wish He had in
the end. The injustices around the world are bad but is nothing by
comparison to an eternity in hell. Jesus promised us trials and
tribulations, so that will not disappear no matter how much we fight it
in the flesh. Jesus felt more compelled to warn everyone of hell more
than the injustices of this life. When it came to justice in this life
it was the rich that he warned. Just like his parable of the RICH MAN
AND LAZARUS. Those who have but ignore those who don’t will end up like
the rich man in that parable. YOU HEAR THIS, YOU RICH NEOCONS THAT MAKE
FUN OF THE POOR? Many times my family have come close to being homeless
and things aren’t too much better now and yet my dad makes fun of the
homeless. You can’t get any more hypocritical than that. Judgment is
reserve for such as these. This is how those who listen to Rush end up,
believing the obvious lie that our economy is doing good when everything
proves the opposite. Those who choose to believe lies know where you
will go.

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