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Help! I Am Living With A Family of People That Love George Bush More Than Jesus Christ!

Posted by soldierservant on January 22, 2008

After talking to my aunt about Bush I find ot she is as hopeless as my
family. It would be a miracle if any of my relatives make it to heaven.
You know my uncle that I mentioned in my first reply that died recently?
He seemed to not care much about the injustice of abortion and almost
tried to justify it. Makes me wonder where he really is now. Maybe he
has repented, but a lot of these type of people have no conscience.
Maybe it was his military experience made him cold blooded, if he wasn’t
already like that. He started his own ministry, but big deal. Pharisees
have their own ministries too, so that doesn’t mean anything. What is
with these people that they feel so compelled to stick up for Bush? I
guess they are just revealing their own true wicked nature because the
bible is very clear that the righteous do not cover for the wicked or
rejoice in wickedness. My aunt made a really stupid statement when I was
talking about Bush by saying “aren’t you glad that God is the judge?”
These people prove their own biblical illiteracy. Looks like I won’t
have have a family reunion in heaven when it comes to my immediate and
extensive family. Only the true brothers and sisters in Christ. I know
this may come off as sounding really cold but I am at the point of
saying good riddens to bad rubbish. These are such hollow souls not
worth knowing. It is no wonder that Jesus will reply to such as never
knowing them. I could do so much better if I could make it on my own
because I have an easier time getting along with heathens than I do
these hypocrites. I don’t care to spend eternity with such dunces. I
mean that more than just a superficial sense because people this stupid
is telling of a real spiritual problem and you know they are really
messed up when you can’t even relate mere common sense to such because
they must not have any love for the truth. There is something seriously
wrong with people like this that never mature. I know you condemn
yourself for immaturity but you really aren’t because you admit your
faults. Someone that is really immature is one that never admits their
faults, just like my family. Their spirit of pride alone is enough to
damn them. I am really glad that I will no longer have to put up with
all their crap in heaven. God won’t either. I admit my faults too. Just
like I pobably shouldn’t got in a discussion with them recently about
Bush but I felt I had to say something when these hypocrites were
talking about how bad things were messed up with immigration but yet did
not mention Bush. These liars cannot admit that he was at the very heart
of the issue. It seems at least you are blessed by not having any of
these bushbot kooks in your family. I would love to trade problems with
you. At least those hard cases you mentioned there is a chance of
getting through. There is none with any of my family of relatives. Of
course I wouldn’t wish my problems on anyone because they would probably
blow their brains out being surrounded by the evil morons that I have to
put up with. The fact that people who are ignorant of God’s word is very
telling that they really don’t care to know God or they would search His
scriptures and not ignore most of His word, which they do not agree
with. I know both of us have struggled trying to understand more
difficult scriptures, but that shows you how we differ from those who
don’t even care to know what is understandable. It is no wonder why
Jesus prefered to hang around the sinners more, besides just the sick
needing a doctor as he mentioned, because he probably couldn’t stand
being around the religious hypocrites. These hypocrites insult God when
they don’t really read His word which is their way of saying that God is
not worth knowing. My family is so godless that it is prompting me to
want to go into ministry full time. If or when that time comes it will
be God’s way, not man’s way. Not sure, but I think my dad has read that
letter of Mike Evans I told you about. In my dad’s arrogance, he thinks
he knows more than Mike , who knows firsthand. My wicked family are
still saying that Bush is good. Now they have come up with some story
about one girl who may impact to stopping of abortion. These liars are
the same ones that said that abortion couldn’t be stopped without the
right judges. Now these liars are saying that one girl can do more than
what the most powerful person in the world can do? These fools make it
up as they go along. This insanity is unbelievable! After my family I am
ready for the end of the world. Please pray for me and my family that they see the truth!

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