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Family Struggles From A Christian

Posted by soldierservant on January 22, 2008

I would like to take a break to talk about what I am personally going through right now, and things that I have heard about.

I had an uncle that just recently died before christmas and now my aunt
is visiting us. She seems to be taking it well too. I have a second
cousin that wants to go Iraq because he supposedly will make good money.
Just like you said, they don’t care, just in it for the money. All of my
relatives are church going hypocrites. They all think they are good
christians, while trying to avoid coming off as too judgmental, I do not
get a good vibe from them in my spirit. The are all warmongers. Probably
like most families there are a lot of military people in my family. My
uncle that recently died was in the army and got a military funeral. You
probably have relatives that are now or have been in the military. What
is it with all these fools that are so obsessed with this stupid war? I
think they must all be possessed or something. Like a recent site the NEWSWATCH MAGAZINE, I saw on tv and they played a
clip where Cheney was saying that going into Iraq would be a disaster.
This was during Clinton’s administration but says totally opposite now.
But thank God at least some are waking up. You know that Mike Evans is
really soft spoken when it comes to Bush. Well in a letter I just got
from him he basically came right out and said that Bush has betrayed
Israel by dividing up Jerusalem. Of course he is still hypocritical by
still supporting this war. Since my dad has some respect for Mike Evans
maybe that will get through to him. I just can’t understand why this war
is such a sacred cow when it is so obvious how false it is. As far as
christmas and new years I guess they were good for me. I didn’t get much
but don’t care because that is not what I live for. My only
disappointment was that I couldn’t give much like I desired to. That is
really what it is all about in the true spirit of Christ is to help the
less fortunate, and should be all year around and not just this time of
year. I did what little I could. I use to get depressed around this time
of year (for no particular reason) but didn’t have an ounce of it this
year, so I guess it was good in that aspect, you know, counting your
blessings. I just get so puzzled by why I have to struggle just to
barely get by, not riches, just to get by. My mom is trying to
brainwashed me into all that positive confession stuff. They always
bring out scriptures about having what you say. It is not like I go
around saying “I’m poor” all day long so that has nothing to do with it.
The only thing I can think of is that I am overwhelmed by their negative
spirits and curses me as a result. I pray so hard that I get the money
to be able to support myself because I do not want to live in this
eternal strife with them. It is easy to see why they suffer because they
choose to believe lies. I guess it is all that generational curses like
in the bible where the sins of the father are visited upon future
generations. Now you know why I don’t want to start a family of my own.
I would be afraid of bringing a curse on any children I might would
have. That is a real crying shame unto itself because I have an awful
lot of love to give. Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter since those kind
of relationships will pass away as well as material things. That is one
of those things I don’t quite understand when people talk about heaven
being like a family reuion, because if there is no marriage there then
how will anyone be related to anyone else? I know, just in the spiritual
sense, but some seem to think it is literal. That is one of those
complicated issues no one really has an answer for. Just like pets in
heaven and so many other things as well. I have figured out recently
that I have some kind of yeast infection or something and is whats
behind my physical problems like my legs, constipation, and the constant
sluggishness. There are probiotics to treat it but imagine it will cost
a fortune that I don’t have. Hey, I don’t blame you because I realized
you probably got caught up in all the holiday obligations. None of us
are perfect. I have my own struggles too. We just have to press on, like
that scripture that says we will reap if we faint not. I really don’t
know what to say about the man that was raped by homosexuals. I have
known people like that in church when I went in the past. A man can be
effeminate without being homosexual. In my bible (NIV) speaks of
homosexual offenders being condemned. So that would apply more to the
one who raped him than he himself. Those who have been victimized may
not be totally responsible for their feelings. We are really not judged
by feelings as much as carrying out evil deeds. I don’t really have
experience in dealing with that sort of thing but all I can say is like
anyone else, which is to try to reach them in a spirit of love and not
condemnation. None of us would be saved if we were to be judged by
feelings because we all have to deal with our sinful nature. It is just
our responsibility to not entertain the flesh by giving in to corrupt
desires. I know it may be hard to discern between heart desire and head
desire. The enemy always attacks our minds but he cannot get into our
hearts if we don’t let him. I hope that was of some help to you. But as
far as our money problems it seems like a curse of stupidity or
something because we have stuff we can sell but just don’t know how to
go about it. My folks had got a book about selling on Ebay but still
couldn’t figure it out. Besides they have a lousy computer that barely
works and probably get nowhere with it. The frustration is just endless.
Man, nothing in this life seems to make any sense. If you want to sell
something then you have to put out money advertising it and then by the
time you sell it (if you are fortunate to even have a customer) you are
lucky to just break even. This life is pure insanity! My folks have a
website but have made no sales as far as I know. Then another thing they
contend with is a former mobile home they sold to someone at their
church and he is only making payments on it and haven’t took it off
their hands. It is like we are getting screwed left and right. Sorry for
loading you down on my problems. I guess you can sort of see why they
are easy prey for these prosperity preachers. But they are still in
fantasy land thinking there is a magic confession that will change
everything. They are really naive to think that money is just going to
drop from heaven into their lap. There is more sensible approach to this
like praying for inspiration on how to make money, but just to expect
God to drop money right out of heaven over a confession is insanity.

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