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What Is Necronomicon?

Posted by soldierservant on January 12, 2008

Well some claim this NECRONOMICON is just a fictional book created by a
horror novelist but I don’t quite believe that.Just like the egyptian
book of the dead is just supposed to be funeral records or something.I
don’t quite believe that either.Satan is such a coward he denies his own
works.Did you know that the official church of Satan denies his own
existence.Talk about hypocrisy and cowardice.In all my times past when I
listened to Bob Larson he talked of satanic bands using references of
the book of the dead as an occultic reference like necromancy and
summoning the dead.There is a lot of lies and misinformation out there
that it is hard to sort out the truth because someone is lying.Whether
the Necronomicon is fictional or not we still know the arabs by their
fruits.I don’t consider myself a racist but for their sake I’d almost
make an exception.I’m not saying God can’t save them but it would take a
miracle.Maybe Benny Hinn will save them (LOL). Anyway here is a link
that is sort of neutral,presenting both sides to give one an idea.

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