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The illuminati Is Behind Both Hillary Clinton And Rudy Giuliani

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

The ILLUMINATI is behind both Hillary and Giuliani, which proves both parties are the same. Also  all these other candidates promoting illegals are apparently on the side of these illuminists type groups. Oh, see know just recently Bush acted gleeful of Hillary’s chances of getting in? You see they are all showing their true colors. I have heard that the ILLUMINATI will see to it that Ron Paul doesn’t get it. I know it is stacked
against him but miracles can still happen. Maybe a modern day David
versus Goliath. If the majority of people wake up and not be led by all
these lying bushbots their is a chance for difference. I guess you have
probably heard that it wasn’t the conservatives that put Bush in but the
internationalists. So there may be some truth about Bush hijacking the
elections, even though the other side is no better.

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