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Are We In The Great Apostasy?

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

We are now living at the period of the GREAT APOSTASY even though it is
probably not yet come to its fullness, but probably just beginning. I
guess no matter what to just keep our eyes on Jesus because it is really
too hard to tell how it all will play out. All those who hasten Christ’s
return are his true servants. I know even the phonies pretend to hasten
His return but you catch them red handed when they teach heresies of
heaven on earth, which is really the opposite. Yes, I know we are to
strive for the best but scripture is evident about the negativity of the
last days. I’m afraid those like my family that follow after Copeland
will be deceived into thinking that the antichrist is Jesus. That is
what is so dangerous about this deification of positivity. These liars
like Copeland that teach this act lke those who oppose these heresies
are promoting all negativism, which is not the case at all. When the
Bible speaks of positive it is always refering to the truth, not all
things positive. Those who teach these positivity lies don’t want anyone
to examine the fruit behind them, because they know they themselves
would be top suspect and rightly so. They teach these defensive lies to
cover their own backs and for christians to lay down all their defenses.
The enemy cannot take over unless we just lay down and let him. Satan
doesn’t have enough fight in him and is why he tries to lull everyone
into a false sense of security. I was wondering who Kenneth Copeland would be
endorsing, so I guess it is Mike Huckabee. I told my family about him and
they didn’t argue over it. Hopefully they will wake up and put 2 & 2

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