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More Freemasonic Megapreachers Exposed!

Posted by soldierservant on November 16, 2007

This goes beyond just Kenneth Copeland but also mentions Oral Roberts, who is almost as highly revered
as Billy Graham. Makes you wonder now about any of these highly revered
religious leaders. It seems like every one of them are masons. I am not
wanting to point fingers but this could all be true because what fruit
have these produced? They teach compromise and lies. If they are so
spiritual they would be revolutional. Where is there any proof of such?
This stuff must be true because this country seems more worse off
because of them. Patience is not even a factor because they have had a
half a century or longer to make a difference for the better. Where were
these gurus when the godless tookover this country? It makes you wonder
if they were not a part of it. Those who don’t fight or resist evil
welcome it. I am praying that my family wakes up from all these lies.
Maybe they are thinking twice after hearing about Robertson’s
endorsement for Giuliani because even they don’t like him. But yet they
still listen to liars like Hannity that constantly justify him. I really
hope Ron Paul gets the nomination to really expose the phonies like
Hannity that say it is all about the republican party. It would be
interesting to see if the party locksteppers would be behind Ron Paul
since they hate him so much. I would love to see these hypocrites eat
their words and be held accountable to their claims. My family has been
into every religious phony you can think of. Oral Roberts, Kenneth
Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertson,u you know the
basic whole TBN lineup. Most of these like Oral Roberts I haven’t really
kept up with but I have heard about him saying some strange things,like
God taking his life if people didn’t give enough to him (using God to
manipulate people,which is witchcraft). If you also notice that most of
these make false prophecies. Even the great John Hagee has made false
prophecies. The Apostle Paul always encouraged sound doctrine, which
these seem to stray from. I had kept up with a few to know their fruits
and I can confirm about Robert Schuller. When I heard him in the past I
heard strange words from his mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was
hearing. The strange stuff they teach is pure insanity. Jesus said His
sheep flees the voice of a stranger. Those who follow these phonies
don’t really know the true Jesus. This is not my personal judgment but
what the scripture says.

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