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Any Success Convincing Bush Supporters That They Are Wrong?

Posted by soldierservant on November 16, 2007

Have you had any success convincing Bush supporters that they are wrong? For me, it is like talking to a brick wall! If anything when the
times I exposed Bush to them they took it in reverse and come out more
in his defense. You see how much of a demonic stronghold they are in?
Even most secular people the truth resonates to some degree. Anyone that
keeps up with politics know that here is nothing christian about Bush.
Yes, I know when I was working there were liberal heathens against Bush.
But you see that this is a perfect example of how to connect with people
to present the truth of the gospel of Christ by exposing Bush’s
corruption. I don’t care how democrats take it. That will not silence
me, nor should it anyone else. Those who are afraid to speak out because
of partisan politics are no better than those they consider the enemy.
They are hypocrites and cowards. If anything the gospel of Christ
teaches us is to cling to the truth and forsake all lies. Anyone you
know that are clinging on to the lies of partisan politics just give
them that scripture of Rev. 22:15 that says all who love and practice
falsehoods are damned to the lake of fire. There is no excuse for this
nonsense. Bush is destroying this country and these cowards are afraid
of what liberals will think? Such are not even worthy of Christ. I can’t
imagine such are even truly saved. The Bible teaches us to make the most
of every opportunity. Nowhere does it teach us to play partisan
politics. PARTISAN POLITICS WILL NOT SAVE ANYBODY! Anyone is a liar and
a fool if they believe this. A true christian would see this as a
perfect opportunity to witness with all credibility. We are not
following Christ in order to make political converts. Anyone blasphemes
if they think this way, especially since the republican party has
betrayed true christians. These idiotic locksteppers can’t seem to
realize that Bush and the likes are laughing and sneering behind these
fool’s backs. They are only puppets and tools of the enemy. I tell you,
these hypocrites deserve each other. They are all liars and cowards.
These hypocrites are without love and compassion and do not know Christ.
Their ends will justify them (get what they deserve). It does seem that
Ron Paul is the only one out of the beltway hypocrites. He is the only
politician that hasn’t put his foot in his mouth. Well I am glad that at
least I am having influence on those outside my family. About that COAST
TO COAST show, it is a mixture of all kinds of stuff. They are all over
the map. They do have newage and some other false stuff but they are
also open to the truth. They often deal with the paranormal, so they do
get into divination at times. But like during the show when they take
callers sometimes you will hear an occasional caller that is a christian
that may experience seeing a demon and rebuke them in Jesus name and
they disappear. So even though it is not always 100% truth, the truth
gets on there. I wouldn’t recommend that show to anybody but only a
seasoned christian that can discern the truth from lies. I praise God
for whenever the truth gets out. God does indeed work in mysterious
ways. He often uses people of the world to proclaim His gospel because
of all the lying doctrines that deny His truth of those who claim to be
His but are more sold on lies than even the unsaved. Whenever someone
that is lost claims that God is too boring only see the example of the
legalistic hypocrites. Those who are truly plugged into God know that He
is anything but boring. That was my way of thinking when I fell,
deceived into thinking that Satan was exciting, which is the opposite of
reality. Satan is the most boring predictable fool ever. He has no
substance. Sure, he has power, but it is like a vacuum that is devoid of
all that is good. That is why he will face ultimate judgment. But
Satan’s power is that of a microcosm compared to God, who will sentence
him to eternal torture. Anyone with eyes to see see what a fascinating
universe we are living in. Those who are damned not only miss out on
heaven but also the rest of God’s marvelous universe. Ask these
locksteppers if it is worse throwing way eternity on their stupid lies
and see what they have to say. God Bless. Thanks for all the

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