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The BRAD BLOG: Ann Coulter Speeches Scrubbed by Conservative Groups

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

Here is another great blogsite.When you see the comments in this you see
that most are fed up with these phony neocons.These bushbots are so
paranoid about their talk show idols like Rush being shut down by the
liberals.I don’t care.In fact I hope they do get shut down.These shows
do not speak for the majority of the people.They are only propagandists
but the bushbots act like free speech is being denied.Well it only goes
to show that if Bush and the other politicians have the lowest approval
rating in all of history that these lockstep shows will go down with
their ship.The only way these fools must be making it is their corrupt
corporate ties.But they might lose sponsors when they see how unpopular
they are becoming.You are going to find these articles so
amusing.Hannity and Coulter have mysterious illnesses.What a laugh.These
liars can’t admit the truth.Finally true conservatives are catching on
to their lies.Anyone that still supports Bush proves they are a
liberal.There is nothing about Bush that is conservative.He has outspend
any liberal.He has expanded government more than any liberal.He is more
politically correct than any liberal.He has opened borders more than any
liberal.Of course it is all a downward progression because each party
will try to outdo each other on how low they can go.What is also funny
is that these phony neocons are guilty of what they accuse and attack
the left for.Ann Coulter is guilty of voter fraud and supposedly
pro-death.I guess she is a Giuliani supporter.You can see why true
conservatives want nothing to do with her.

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