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George Noory Telling The Truth About The New World Order!

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

The headline story in this was really interesting about a picture of a
man on drugs with a demon right behind him. Praise God those demons are
exposing themselves. As you see in that article this picture woke him up
to reality and caused him to kick the drug habit and get right with God.
Overconfidence of the enemy always backfires on him. There was also a
lot on this show last night. I have to do some searching to find out. It
was about one of the wicked rich families, the BILDEBERGERS. They have
plans to eliminate 80% of the world population. This guy said that he
was labeled a conspiracy kook but all his predictions have come
true,like about the crash of the housing market and the oil prices
skyrocketing to $100 a barrel and is predicting will get a lot more
costly. So apparently these prices won’t get any better. And of course
Bush is all a part of this.This is why there is so much disease because
they are behind it. This is why not only abortion is not only continuing
on but Bush is even encouraging forced abortions in China. Wasn’t it you
that told me that Pat Robertson was for that too? Talk about all the
blood on Bush’s hands as well as these satanic evangelicals. As they
were closing this show they realized that they will not be believed by
most but to get it out to those who do.So even they know,like we do,
about all these hypocrite scoffers. I didn’t get the guy’s name but
there was another on there you will recognize. It is that Alex Jones of
PRISON PLANET,one of the the biggest websites that exposes of this
fraudulent administration. He has a book out called END GAME. I’ll have
to check on this. There is just so much to this to take in but it all
comes together. People have to be really gullible to think that all the
crap going on is just mistakes from a bumbling administration. I have
known in my heart that that was not the case. Anyone that believes God’s
word knows that everything happens for a reason. All the terrorism and
war is all orchestrated to reduce the world’s population and to push
their one world order. They were probably behind the whole Africa AIDS
epidemic in the first place,and then these hypocrites like Bush pretend
to be a savior and come to the rescue. I believe Bush is going to have a
judgment day like none other. I know these wicked families are as bad to
a certain degree but Bush is the one willful lackey doing their evil
bidding. One with no conscience like him will have such a severe
punishment. This is why I am constantly trying to warn people because
they seem to have no idea what kind of evil they are in league with when
they take the side of Bush. Maybe the followers are just pretenders too
because it seems like a lot of them just don’t want to understand.

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