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Charismatic Legalism

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

It is funny that these charismatic churches pride themselves in being
non-legalistic when they are ever bit as legalistic as catholics or
anyone else. They get legalistic not only about church attendance but
also in confessions and ideology. I almost laugh when I see these phony
preachers on TV that beg and whine about them not being able to pay
their bills while they got on a fancy suit or in fancy studios,driving
super-expensive cars, and so on. If they were genuine they would sell
their fancy duds in order to pay the bills. They expect to freeload off
of suckers without having to do any work themselves. Even Paul worked
for a living. If people would stop giving to these liars then we would
see just how much faith they have. I do not believe any of their phony
stories about them starting off without a penny to their name and then
God just dumped all this wealth on them. I pray for a mighty spirit of
truth, that none of these will be able to continue on in their lies and
will have to confess the truth or depart from the presence of God.
Nobody can lie in the presence of God. That is why every knee will bow
and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. His presence compells the
truth from everyone. Those who dare fight it do so at their own risk.
That is like the warning from BISHOP EARTHQUAKE KELLEY about the last
days where false religious teachers will drop dead. I know he said it is
due to unresolved sin, but I believe personally that it is a little more
than that. I believe it it those who deiberately persist in lies against
the Spirit. It is the sin unto death. Just like that couple in the early
church dropped dead when they lied to the Spirit. Those who continue to
teach lies or those who keep accepting the lies being taught are on very
dangerous ground. We know who all the false teachers are by their fruits
because they defend this lying administration. They do not defend the
gospel of Christ which has been attacked by Bush, which proves which
side they are on.

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