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Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

This article legitimately raises questons about Billy Graham but does so in a way that isn’t judgmental but meant to make people aware of what could happen. I can feel this coming the way things are going. I still get mail from Mike Evans. I thought I would just see what he had to say now and it was him that made me aware about these false evangelicals that
took Bush’s side in splitting up Israel. I know this sort of thing is to be expected as there are always rotten apples in anything but what really bothers me is that there is not a major outcry from the majority of churches over this. This is why despite everything there are still Bush idolaters because it is promoted by these false churches! 

I looked this up on the internet so I know Mike Evans wasn’t making this up. So I do have some respect for him and John Hagee because they will speak up for Israel when nobody else will. My only problem with them is that they are not totally honest. They will not call a spade a spade or devil a devil. They may say some of Bush’s policies are evil but not say he is evil. There is still some cowardice but are not total flat out cowards like all the other locksteppers that deliberately deny what is right in front of their eyes. When the majority of churches turn their back on Israel there is going to be some major judgment coming upon this land. This Bushism is the ultimate in lunacy,taking his side over Israel. This insanity and hypocrisy has to stop if there can be any hope. Well, like in one of my recent messages was the reference that made it pretty clear, Romans chapter 11.

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