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Thoughts On The Christian Rapture

Posted by soldierservant on November 13, 2007

The rapture is really a confusing issue.I do lean towards the pretrib
rapture,not just because I have been taught that all my life,but because
it makes the most sense.God’s word says that the righteous are not
appointed unto wrath.I believe that the fallen christians will be left
behind.I forget the text now but Jesus said to make sure to be counted
worthy to escape those things to come.In other words those who live
right for God He will take them out of this mess.The antichrist cannot
take over till the true christians are gone.Remember Jesus said that he
gives us power over all the power of the enemy.Jesus also said that we
are the salt of the earth.Why did he call us salt?Because salt
preserves.If the true christians go through the GREAT TRIBULATION then
we are preserving nothing because this world at that time will be a
literal hell.Of course there will be christians in the Great Tribulation
due to either the lukewarm (powerless) or new converts to the faith that
have not bowed or taken the mark.I have heard from several sources about
there being two raptures.I know I have sent you some links in the past.
Perry Stone is good at explaining the end times.He says that the rapture
is the firstfruits.I know there are others that say the opposite about
the tares being gathered first,but that really doesn’t make sense
because Revelation is clear that the wicked will be here towards the
very end of the Great Tribulation when Jesus comes back to slay the
wicked kings and their armies in the battle of Armageddon,so the wicked
will not be taken from this world before christians.Now just because
there may be phonies that try to use this doesn’t deny the validity of
it.They will always take God’s word out of context for their own selfish
agendas.That is how the enemy makes convincing lies by using
halftruths.The only thing that we as christians should be doing to
encourage the rapture is to to reach as many souls as we can and to
continue to walk blameless before Him.We can’t bring about His promise
by starting wars.This is pure nonsense and heresy.This is contrary to
His will.Jesus said that he has come to save the lost,not destroy
them.Christians need to be more indignant towards spirital lies than
mere carnal treachery.I always hear soldiers in this war say that they
love this country so much that they are willing to do anything for
it.This is proof of idolatry.There is no mention about love for
God.Besides even if they truely cared so much about our country then why
are they not opposed to the treacherous scumbags like Bush that are
destroying this country?This country will be destroyed from within,not
from without. They are all liars and hypocrites and will get what they
deserve. Of course we hear all those who defend this scam of a war say
that we must fight treachery and evil wherever it exists.Well besides
our own country everywhere else is run by tyrants and dictators.Iraq is
nothing more special than the evil of Russia.In fact they are the power
behind these terrorists.All these fools are so easily distracted by this
BAIT & SWITCH technique.It seems we will lose just out of pure
stupidity.Just like James Madison said that if tyranny or oppression
ever comes to this nation it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign
enemy.We are our own enemy.This is not to deny the terrorist threat
because it is real,but it is only a symptom of a deeper problem.Just
look at the moral decay of the family structure.The church has had their
part in this too.So many crimes against children are coming from
stepfathers.This is proof that God is not for all this remarriage.There
is so much blasphemy in the church.They spit on the vows to God such as
marriage and treat it like dirt.Even religious leaders divorce their
spouse and say that God told them to in order to marry someone else.Such
a message is not from God,but their father,the devil.This is not just
sin against man but sin against God.To just casually break a vow made to
Him is proof of rebellion against God and His principles.This rampant
blasphemy is conducted by the likes of those on TBN.Also,the whole
public education system is ungodly and corrupting all the youth.Not just
from all the lies they teach but from peer pressure that always leads to
sin as well as bullies.Also all the increase of violence and drugs.I
think they should shut down all the public schools because that is the
biggest waste of taxpayer money ever.They spend endlessly on education
but get nowhere.Who are these idiots that think they know more than God
that they can refuse to teach His word?God’s word is the beginning of
wisdom.It is no wonder that the children come out of school stupid
because they are denied God’s word.What do you expect?We are reaping
what we have sown. God has and always will be the only solution.I am
positive and optimistic in the things of God.I am negative and
pessimistic in anything else aside from God.So positive and negative is
not a mental state but whether or not you choose to obey God determines
which you are.There is hope for those who choose God and only doom for
those who don’t.Those who truly follow God will have His interests at
heart.They will not make excuses for sin,such as the rampant
abortion.They will not ignore blasphemy from within the church.They will
not follow after ungodly leaders as many that claim the faith do.By
their fruits we will now them.It is only the straight and narrow and
much of the church is the broad path that leads to destruction.People
need to flee any church that is not teaching the truth of God’s word or
else they will partake in their judgment.

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More Evidence That War On Terror Is A Fraud: CIA Panic Alerts To Keep People Distracted

Posted by soldierservant on November 13, 2007

I find articles like this
amusing.I thought Bush has defeated the terrorists in this war on terror
the way the propaganda goes.I hear these phony Bush worshipping shows
that talk like our miltary has really defended us.Defend us from what?If
the enemy is over here and the CIA is worried about terrorist attacks
then our military hasn’t done squat for us.If anything we have them to
thank for the rapid spread of islam that is taking over the world.You
see how these fools have it all backwards?These idiots think they are
free but are in total bondage,like scripture right out of the bible.If
those who call themselves christians would read the Bible they would
realize how much of it applies to them and convict them to get right
with God.I guess americanism and bushism is the new american gospel.It
doesn’t matter what the bible says,only what Bush says.I find it so
hypocritical that they have these memorial services for the 9/11 victims
while not one word of all the victims of abortion.Most of the so called
christians buy into this idolatrous antichrist propaganda.I get really
fed up with all the talk shows,even the ones I thought were fairly
decent are now sounding like locksteppers.They are all a bunch of
godless unstable lunatics.Before that Michael Savage spoke out against
General Patraeous and now is defending him like a typical bushbot
would.This idiot speaks out of both sides of his mouth because he talks
about how the war is so terribly mismanaged but yet defends it.Of course
this fool is admittedly heathen so his doom is certain.I recently got
campaign mail from that Fred Thompson.He is a total phony.He says he is
strongly pro-life.Well apparently you can be pro-life but not
anti-abortion,they aren’t the same thing.It is just a watered down way
of saying they prefer life but will do nothing to stop death.This
hypocrite said that he would oppose an ammendment to the constitution
banning abortion.He is a sellout to greed.He must be getting paid off by
the abortion racket.Duncan Hunter is supposed to be strongly pro-life
but he seems more concerned about the war than stopping abortion.In
2KINGS 24:4 talks about King Manasseh shed so much innocent blood that
the Lord was not willing to forgive him.This is a constant lie we hear
from church that God will forgive all,no matter what.This scripture
proves that to be a false assumption.There is a point where someone sins
too much beyond the hope of God’s grace,trampling on it.They heap up
their own judgment for the day of wrath.I have heard liars on the pulpit
saying that Hitler could’ve gotten saved.After killing God’s chosen
people in a massive genocide I don’t think there would have been any
forgiveness for him.Just like there wasn’t for Haman.This proves the
false teachers sympathize more with the devil than they do with all the
suffering innocents.The bible has very strong words for such
people.Yes,even good kings like David slipped into sin at some point but
he did not continue on in sin.The Bible defined wicked kings as those
who continued on in their sins.This is how we know Bush is a wicked king
because he continues to sin unrepentedly and all the liars that pretend
to be christian eat up all his lies.Besides God would only have mercy
for those in sin who don’t know better,not for those who know
better,like Bush,who tries to use his false claim of being christian to
get away with everything.That is deliberate sin against God and
trampling on his grace.Those that continue to follow him because of that
are giving credit to his lies and partaking in his sin.Heathen dictators
would stand better chance of entering God’s kingdom than Bush would.That
Tommy Thompson,who was running in the 2008 presidential campaign but now
has dropped out,was a part of Bush’s cabinet and also involved in that
verichip program.That is the microchip that will become the mark of the
beast in the Great Tribulation.More of Bush’s fruit is showing. I know the
antichrist can’t come to power before his time but he is an illegitimate
bastard son of hell that will try to get in before his time and is our
duty to put him in his place.

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James Dobson Is Right About Rudy Giuliani

Posted by soldierservant on November 13, 2007

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Chuck has been deeply involved in the religious right,so he knows what
he is talking about and has a right to criticize them,unlike my dad that
dismisses him as a kook,when he doesn’t know nothing himself but what
the liars in the media tell him like Rush (who deserves to be
tasered).Finally some religious leaders are getting a spine and stop
worshipping their idol of the republican party.Even though Dobson is
against Giuliani their is still no indicaton of him supporting someone
like Ron Paul.Even if the majority of all those who consider themselves
conservative are standing up to the leading phonies it will still take a
miracle for them all to unite for a good leader.If there are a hundred
third party candidates then reps or dems will get it again.It seems as
though we can only get half way there.It is not enough to recognize and
not vote for the big government imposters but everyone has to be united
for one strong leader.If everyone just goes their separate way then it
is like anarchy and nothing will get done.Government will only get worse
if we have the same old two party scam that are drunk with their
power.How dare anyone claim to be christian if they vote for a
pro-abortion candidate.All the hypocrites that use that mantra “WHAT
WOULD JESUS DO?”.Well you know Jesus wouldn’t vote for the mass
slaughter of innocent unborn.All who do are liars that have sold their
soul to Satan.They are not of Christ but of the antichrist and partake
with murderers.To all those who serve the god of this world,this world
an all its politics will pass away.I choose to serve the one and only
eternal God whose kingdom will never pass away.There will be no
republicans or democrats in God’s kingdom.Those who love this world’s
system do no love God.The bible is very clear when it says that those
who love this world the love of the Father is not in them.Those who
serve the political corruption of these times do not know God.It is time
to either wake up and get right with God or be left behind.Those who
recognize the corruption need to see the whole picture.You are not going
to get the truth if you are listening to the mainstream conservative
media because they choose to ignore someone like Ron Paul.That ought to
be a good indication that he is the right one.People have to stop being
lazy by taking any schmucks recommendation and research the candidates
themselves.Don’t even take my word for it.Look up Ron Paul’s site and
see if he stands for what you believe.Just like the bible says SEEK AND
YOU SHALL FIND.Just like in Chuck’s article nobody has stood up for the
unborn like Ron Paul,so he is the clear choice.It doesn’t even matter if
we secure our borders if we are still slaughtering the unborn,which
Satan recieves as a sacrifice, because we will still be cursed if
abortion is still legal.Those who make excuses like abortion has always
existed in this country does’t prove anything.Yes,and look at the
horrible wars of our past that also had tremendous loss,even our own
civil war.This only proves that you cannot justify evil in any
form.There are always consequeces in the loss of many lives.That is the
law of God,eye for eye and life for life.There is a reason for so much
tragedy though nobody wants to admit it or wants to see it.The bible
says that there is a way that seems right unto man but only leads to
death.This lockstep republicanism may seem right to some but it is just
more of the same corruption they pretend they are against.You can tell
those who are hypocrites.They say they are pro-life but when asked if
they would overturn roe v wade they can’t give a straight answer,which
Jesus said was of Satan.If they are not for overturning it then they are
pro-abortion,no choice about it.There is no logic or excuse to back a
president that wants the illegals to take over this country and let the
gangs rule.All Bush has given you is lip service.The illegals are still
flocking over here,nothing has changed.We still have SANCTUARY
CITIES.And of course all you religious phonies that try to use Romans
13,lets see how long you woud adhere to that if Hillary should get
it.Not very long I’m sure.The Bible makes no double standards,so when
you do then you know you are not following the Bible.Any talk show host
that puts down Ron Paul as a kook and claims to be a christian is a liar
and an antichrist.The reason the enemy is attacking Ron Paul is because
he takes a true stand against abortion and wants to overturn Roe v.
Wade.All those who oppose him are of their father,the devil.All these
liars in the media that claim they are conservative christians are
pro-abortion and can’t make excuses for it,so they demonize someone like
Ron Paul because he exposes these hypocrites own wickedness.You also
have to watch out for the fearmongers like Dick Morris (who is a
clintonite phony) that try to stir up a panic over Hillary,which seems
to justify anyone is better then having her.I have never been a fan of
the Clintons but I will not be a fool by electing anyone over her.The
bible speaks against fearmongering,so we know what spirit Dick is of.He
tries to create panic over Hillary by saying homosexuals will take over
the country.Well they already have to a certain degree,thanks to
Bush.What makes it alright for illegals to take over and not
homosexuals?Both are of the same spirit of lawlessness.To God sin is
sin.This also goes back to my theory (and other’s too) that the Bush’s
and the Clinton’s are workning together by taking turns in destroying
this country,each in their own way.In fact liars like Dick Morris and
others were saying in the past that Hillary didn’t stand a chance.These
liars can’t make up their minds.Nowhere in the Bible does it ever
mention the LESSER OF EVILS.There is only righteousness and
wickedness.Anyone that seems to be good but yet still does evil,is
evil.Anyone that continues to believe in the LESSER OF EVILS is
listening to the FATHER OF LIES!

This column is archived at

As a conservative Baptist pastor for more than thirty years and a
former executive director for the Moral Majority, my roots in the
Religious Right run pretty deep. However, over the last several years,
I have become a consistent critic of the Religious Right, as faithful
readers of this column already know.

The main objection I have with the Religious Right is they have (for
the most part) given President George W. Bush (and the Republican
Party in general) a complete and total pass. Over the past nearly
seven years now, Bush and GOP leaders have betrayed most every
principle that I ever understood the Religious Right to stand for.
Yet, our national Christian leaders (and local pastors throughout
America) have been content to look the other way and say nothing. Or
worse yet, they have actually defended Bush’s liberal, big-spending,
anti-freedom, and unconstitutional ways. In a nutshell, for a seat at
the king’s table, the Religious Right sold out its principles.

Another criticism I have with our national Christian leaders is the
seeming shallowness they display. About the only thing a Republican
politician has to do to curry favor with our illustrious conservative
Christian leaders is to say that they oppose abortion and
homosexuality. Whether they actually mean it or intend to actually do
anything about it after winning an election doesn’t seem to matter to
a tinker’s dam, however. No, it is actually worse than that. Our
Christian leaders do not even seem to understand how to deal with
these issues in a constitutional republic.

For example, pro-life congressmen such as Ron Paul of Texas are not
“acceptable” to many conservative Christians, because Paul actually
wants to honor his oath of office to “support, protect, and defend the
Constitution of the United States,” which means he is not prepared to
cede to the federal government that which the Constitution has given
to the states. This means that Paul understands that the proper way to
handle the abortion issue is to pass a “Sanctity of Life” bill, which
would recognize the personhood of all unborn babies (thereby giving
them complete governmental protection under the law) and would exempt
the issue from the jurisdiction of the Court. This would have the
effect of immediately overturning Roe v. Wade and ending
abortion-on-demand as we know it. However, not only did the entire
Republican leadership in both houses of Congress and President George
W. Bush not support Dr. Paul when he introduced such a bill, neither
did the leaders of the Religious Right.

In fact, as a whole, the Religious Right continues to ignore Ron
Paul’s candidacy, even though he would probably be the best friend
that conservative Christians ever had in the White House. Alas,
however, there seems to be a giant disconnect in the thinking of many
conservative Christians as to the primacy of constitutional government
and how it relates to religious liberty. As a result, many
conservative Christians continue to support big government policies,
when they are promulgated by Republicans.

(Please see my column on this subject at )

Sadly, I cannot think of a prominent national conservative Christian
leader who has dared to follow the courageous example of the prophet
Nathan and say to King Bush, “Thou art the man.” Instead, they have
served as lackeys and doormats for President Bush. In doing so, they
have lost much credibility, and dare I say, honor.

It even grieves me to say that should the presidential race next year
come down to Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, many conservative
Christians would support Giuliani. This is in spite of the fact that
Giuliani is not only as bad as Clinton in virtually every area of
significance, but, in many ways, is actually worse. Any Christian who
would argue that his or her convictions would not allow them to vote
for Clinton would have to turn around and surrender those very same
convictions in order to vote for Giuliani. In other words, in a
Clinton-Giuliani race, there is no “lesser of two evils.”

Therefore, since I have been critical of the compromise of our
Christian leaders, it is only fair that I would commend them when
appropriate. Accordingly, I want to praise James Dobson’s recent
statements that he could not support either Rudy Giuliani, Fred
Thompson, or John McCain (albeit I don’t believe his rejection of
Thompson and McCain are necessarily for the right reasons).

Regarding Giuliani, Dobson said, “I cannot, and will not, vote for
Rudy Giuliani in 2008. It is an irrevocable decision. If given a
Hobson’s–Dobson’s?–choice between him and Sens. Hillary Clinton or
Barack Obama, I will either cast my ballot for an also-ran–or if
worse comes to worst–not vote in a presidential election for the
first time in my adult life. My conscience and my moral convictions
will allow me to do nothing else.”

Hooray! It is about time that some of our national conservative
Christian leaders began telling the truth about these phony
conservatives in the Republican Party. However, Dobson needs to keep
going and list the liberal Mitt Romney, and also CFR member (along
with Thompson), womanizer, and elitist Newt Gingrich as unacceptable

Giuliani is especially revolting. Dobson is right to say he will vote
third party or not vote at all rather than vote for Giuliani. After my
recent exposé on Giuliani (see ),
numerous residents of New York City wrote me to express their
agreement with my assertions.

I seldom reprint the responses of readers. However, one New Yorker
wrote the following, which seemed to reflect the feelings of most
every New Yorker who responded to my column:

“I lived in NYC for most of my life. Giuliani was the worst mayor the
city has ever had. I and millions of New Yorkers [are] well aware of
Giuliani’s duplicitous, mean, autocratic, and just downright scary
personality. His father was a small time mafia enforcer that did
prison time. Rudy has many of his father’s characteristics.

“Thank you for helping to expose this Hitler in waiting. As mayor of
NYC, he trashed and spat upon people’s rights, especially minorities.
He inflamed and divided the peoples of NYC. He opened the city coffers
to his corporate crony plunderers and left the city with a monumental

“Many New Yorkers have been blogging for years, trying to alert the
people to this madman’s dictatorial and corrupt ways. Thanks for your

This email response was typical of the many I received from New

It is high time for each and every one of us who claims to love
freedom and liberty, who claims to appreciate our history and
heritage, and who claims a desire to perpetuate a free and independent
America for our posterity to stop promoting the insane “lesser of two
evils” mantra and to start supporting only those men and women who
have PROVEN they deserve our support, party or political label

Dobson is right about Giuliani. I only wish he had been willing to
tell the truth about one George W. Bush. Maybe then we would not be in
the mess we are in today, because Bush is the precursor to Giuliani
and Clinton. And those who supported and fawned over Dubya only waxed
the skis for Giuliani and Clinton.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Posted by soldierservant on November 13, 2007

This column is archived at

“Bush quietly advising Hillary Clinton, top Democrats.” This is the
title of a much under-reported news story, which appeared in The
Examiner on September 24th. The Examiner opens the story by saying,
“President Bush is quietly providing back-channel advice to Hillary
Rodham Clinton, urging her to modulate her rhetoric so she can
effectively prosecute the war in Iraq if elected president.”

The story stems from an interview with White House Chief of Staff,
Josh Bolten, for The Examiner’s Senior White House correspondent Bill
Sammon’s new book, “The Evangelical President.”

The Examiner said “Bush wants enough continuity in his Iraq policy
that ‘even a Democratic president would be in a position to sustain a
legitimate presence there.'” Bolten went on to say that “He [Bush]
wants to create the conditions where a Democrat not only will have the
leeway, but the obligation to see it [the war in Iraq] out.”

Bolten made it clear that Bush expects the war in Iraq to continue
“[n]o matter who the president is, no matter what party . . .”

The Examiner story also reported, “A senior White House official said
the administration did not put much stock in pledges by Democratic
presidential candidates to swiftly end the Iraq war if elected.”

The White House official said, “They [the Democratic frontrunners] are
being advised by smart people. We’ve got colleagues here on the staff
who have good communications with some of the thinkers on that side.

“And there is recognition by most of them that there has to be a
long-term presence [in Iraq] by the United States . . .”

The Examiner also quotes Vice President Dick Cheney as saying, “And I
think we’ll increasingly see a lot of emphasis on deciding who the
next occupant of the Oval Office is going to be.”

As you read the above, did you not ask the question, “Why is this not
a front page story in the mainstream media?” If the media truly wanted
to do its job, this story would be page one in every major newspaper
and the lead story on every television and radio network news show.
But it’s not. Why? Because the powers that control the mainstream
media are the same ones who control the two major parties and they
don’t want the American people to know that the “fix” is already in.
George W. Bush knows it; Hillary Clinton knows it; Dick Cheney knows
it; the CFR knows it; Democrat and Republican insiders know it; and
now you know it.

I have attempted to warn my readers that the Bushes and Clintons have
been “best buds” for years (see ).
My initial source for this report was someone who was among the
Clintons’ closest friends for much of his life. Whatever acrimony one
may perceive to exist between the two families is purely for show.
Democrats expect the Clintons to lambaste the Bushes. Republicans
expect the Bushes to do the same thing to the Clintons. So they do. It
is all political theater.

For that matter, Bill Sammon’s new book promoting the idea that Bush
is an “Evangelical President” is more political theater. Bush has
simply hijacked the evangelical movement in order to push forward a
globalist New World Order agenda.

Believe me, the Bushes and Clintons are friends, and have been for
decades–at least since George H.W. Bush was President and Bill
Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. At least since then–probably

However, the connection between the Bushes and Clintons is much deeper
than that. Both families are also part of the inside cabal of New
World Order globalists. They share the same clubs, the same parties,
and the same agenda. Why else do you think that when G.W. Bush became
President he did not undo anything Bill Clinton had done? For the same
reason that Hillary Clinton will not undo anything that G.W. Bush has
done when she becomes President–and that includes the Iraq war.

Mark it down: Hillary will keep U.S. troops in Iraq. She will also
follow through with whatever other military plans Bush has already put
in place. She will continue with Bush’s push for the North American
Union, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the NAFTA Superhighway. She
will continue the Patriot Act, domestic surveillance, and even Bush’s
“enemy combatant” classification for American citizens. She will also
do nothing to restore Posse Comitatus.

Those Democrats who really believe they are voting for “change” when
they vote for Hillary next year are in for a rude awakening. They will
awaken to the same reality that those who thought they were voting for
change when they voted for Dubya have come to realize: it does not
matter to a tinker’s dam whether G.W. or Hillary is elected President.
They are both marching to the same drummer. (Neither would it matter
should Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Barack
Obama, or John Edwards become President.) The “fix” is in. So much so
that G.W. Bush is already privately counseling Hillary on what to do
after she becomes President.

I tried to warn my readers of this connection as far back as 2002 (see ). I
thought the set up would put Hillary in the White House in 2004, but
obviously, my timing was off one election. 2008 is the year the global
elite–with much help from both the Clinton and Bush machines–will
put Hillary in the White House.

It is no accident, my friends, that there is no “top tier” contender
in the GOP this year that is able to galvanize grassroots Republicans.
Neither is it an accident that Bush’s policies are increasingly
unpopular, thus further alienating both the Republican and
conservative base and the American people in general from the GOP
ticket next year. Dubya is merely setting up a Hillary victory in much
the same way that Daddy Bush set up a victory for Bill back in 1992.

Make no mistake about it: Hillary Clinton is the “anointed” pick of
her fellow elitists to become President of the United States in 2008.

Obviously, a wholesale political revolution could derail the plans of
the elitist egomaniacs who control our country right now, but I don’t
believe the American people, and especially the pastors (who have the
most power to accomplish this task), have the stomach for it.

The only way for the American people to thwart the plans of the
international cabal currently calling the shots in Washington, D.C.,
and New York City is by a massive rejection of both major parties’
prominent Presidential candidates. This would require wholesale
support for independent-minded, non-elitist candidates such as Ron
Paul, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, or Alan Keyes. Even better, a
grassroots uprising of support for independent constitutionalists such
as Jerome Corsi or Judge Roy Moore–on a Constitution Party ticket
(see )–would put the elitists in
retreat for decades to come. However, I see little hope for such a
revolution. (Then again, there was little hope for George Washington
and the boys either.)

So, come November 2008, Hillary Clinton will be your President, and
she will continue the same basic policies of one George W. Bush, who
continued the same basic policies of one Bill Clinton, who continued
the same basic policies of one George Herbert Walker Bush. One would
think that eventually the American people would begin to catch on.
Until they do, however, the “fix” is in.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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