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The Entire Government Is A Satanic Scam!

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

This whole government is a scam.not just federal but the local
governments as well. The local in some ways are worse than the federal.It
is because of local governments is why we are unjustly doubletaxed. But
there isn’t much one can do to fight the governments because a lot of
lawsuites get dismissed when it is against them.Just like I found oout
that a lot of the money that was supposed to go to fixing potholes and
bridges are going to the schools,which we know it a total sham.They need
to shut down the worthless schools so they can address the real our pitiful roads.There are sinkholes and all kinds of
problems.People can’t hardly get around anymore and it is all the fault
of these worthless lying bureacrats.20% of our gas money was supposed to
go for the roads.Man,we don’t even need a great tribulation because this
country seems to crumble right under our feet,it is so pathetic.Of
course the lying preachers say this country won’t be judged by God.If
Sodom comes under judgment despite their ignorance this country most
certainly will all the more come under judgment because their is even no
excuse for ignorance.If the ignorantly deceived will not escape then how
much more judgment will come on those who willfully sin against God.It
is the worst condition to be in where these lying preachers are.They
will have it worse than the blood drinking satanists.I believe it is
these very preachers that the bible is refering to when it talks about
those who boldly blaspheme God.You can’t get any more blasphemous then
posing as God’s elect and then contradicting and twisting His word while
ignoring all the true evil and injustices all around.The more I see of
TBN the more I am convinced that it was all a plan of Satan to pervert
the body of Christ.

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