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George Bush Is Not A Christian But A Fraud!

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

I heard Bob Larson last night on COAST TO COAST with George Noory.He was
pretty good.I am a bit surprised that he mentioned exorcising Mel Gibson
because of his antisemitic statement when he was caught drunk
driving.This is the one christians look up to because of his movie THE
PASSION.That is why I found that particularly bold of him to say.Of
course Mel is not even christian,but catholic.The bible is clear about
drunkards not entering His kingdom.Anyone that pursues such a lifestyle
does not have the love of the Father in him. Alcohol,being a clear open
door for demons also reveals a persons true wicked heart.Just looking
around various sites about Bob Larson seems like he may be a bushbot
religious right type.I sent him an email that didn’t get through.Maybe
you can try to write him to see where he stands now on Bush. Especially
with his statement about all religions praying to the same god.What I
read may have been earlier statements and was fooled like all of us were
early on.Maybe he has changed now.If not then he is like all these other
hypocrites that claim they are not biased or partisan,that they hold
both parties to the same standards,to which you know most who say that
are lying.Bob has a new book out now about the world religions.That is
why if he is genuine he can’t be a bushbot now.He is wanting to do a
reality show on exorcisms.I don’t think that is such a good idea seeing
how phony and tacky all those type of shows are.All that stuff is
scripted.That would only give fuel to his critics that say he is a

It is obvious that Bush is not a christian by his fruits.Jesus said we
would know them by their fruits. Bush has said that all religions pray
to the same god.Do you cover Bush’s statement in your new book about
world relgions?Would you agree with me that the church is gone apostate
for the most part when religious leaders still support blasphemers like
Bush,who deny the supremacy of Christ and his devious plans of dividing
up Israel in his roadmap for peace plan?It is apparent that Bush is a
freemason because I have read that they are behind this one world
religion.Anyone who knows their bible knows that Bush has a spirit of
antichrist.He has promoted lawlessness (a characteristic of the
antichrist as mentioned in the bible) by rewarding illegals,lets drug
dealers off while betraying border patrol agents,celebrates muslim
holidays over any other,contributes to nations that severely persecute
christians,blames God for the AFRICAN AIDS EPIDEMIC,is a strong
supporter of the UN,pushes one world government and one world
religion,has aided Israel’s enemies-palestinian terrorists,and the list
goes on into almost infinity.God’s word clearly says that those who
curse Israel are cursed.Also Jesus said woe to those who call evil good
and good evil.Anyone that really knows God’s word would not be so easily
deceived,but yet so many professing christians follow after Bush as
though he was the Christ.This is blatant double standards because the
dems could not get away with most of the stuff that Bush gets away
with.I get so tired of all the lies from hypocrites who claim not to be
partisan by holding both parties accountable.So many that have said that
I see through such obvious lies.Those who spoke out against Clinton
during his administration do not speak out against Bush now,who is
actually worse than Clinton in many reguards.You have exposed Clinton’s
evil in the past.Are you ¬†exposing Bush’s evil now?The bible says that a
doubleminded person is unstable in all their ways and will receive
nothing from God.Your biggest challenge would be to try to exorcise Bush
of his multitude of demons.Of course I understand that you can’t do that
if he wants them. Jesus said that wicked and adulterous generaton cannot
discern the signs of the times.God has warned us time after time.All the
signs are there.Look at the escalation of natural disaters going on.Like
the massive wildfires in CA.Also outbreaks of tornadoes and floods and
all kinds of crazy weather,which heathens call global warming,but is
only judgment of God on this nation.Like Hurricane Katrina was a result
of Bush’s involvement in the Gaza pullout in Israel.This is continuing
on just like abortion,which Bush refused to overturn.What kind of fools
are we that we think we can win the war on terror when we terrorize the
unborn through the genocide atrocities of abortion?Not to mention having
open borders the whole time.That is supreme stupidity.Fear of God is the
beginning of wisdom.Those who are this stupid prove they have no fear of
God.God has no partiallity and He will judge us worse than the heathens
because those who have the truth have rebelled against God
deliberately.To much is given much is required.There is no excuse for
ignorance from those who profess they love God.If they really love Him
they would read His word and obey,not trying to take it way out of
context.It is because of our natonal sin that terrorism is thriving.God
is not mocked,a man will reap what he has sown.Only by true national
repentance can there be any hope against terrorism or any hope at
all.Jesus said to pull the plank from your eye before removing the speck
from your brother’s.If our nation is so full of sin,with abortion and
homosexuality,then how can we judge any other nation?God’s word says
that judgment begins in the House of God.Also says to get your own house
in order.That is what we need to do before we judge anyone else.Jesus
spoke against hypocritical judgment by saying how you judge others is
how you will be judged.Our only guide to righteous judgment is God’s
word.If anyone defies scripture then we know what spirit they are
of.There is so much proof now that the republican party is not a
christian party because most candidates are pro-abortion and corporate
greedmongers that would sell out our country just like Bush has and
Judas has for the thirty pieces of silver.Remember that only the truth
will set people free.Americanism is then current idolatry.There are
those with such arrogance to think that this nation can do no
wrong.Actually quite the opposite is true.This nation was founded by
slave owners.The layout of Washington DC is a pentagram.They also have
pagan idols throughout the city on government buildings.I’d like to see
someone point out that hypocrisy of separation of church and state,when
it is apparent that our government is pushing pagan church.There is even
occultic symbols on our currency.Newage and other false religions make
references to God,but it is not the one true God of the bible.Long ago I
was a bushbot and a warmonger,but no longer.My family though still
is.They are sold to this Bush idolatry.Those who have this bloodlust for
war must really have demons to deal with.If we are spiritual Israel then
we need to take our cue from them.In the books of the prophets they were
rebuked for their trust in military might.The bible is clearly
antiwar.Like 2Cor.10:3-6 clearly says that we do not war as the world
does.How can any claim to be of Christ while blatanty ignoring scripture
like that?Jesus said that those who live by the sword will die by the
sword.”VENGEANCE IS MINE”says the LORD.This Iraq war has so much evil
fruit.Iraqi christians have less freedom now then before.Islam is
spreading throughout the world because our efforts in the flesh has
cause this backlash.Mosques are growing to a large degree in this
country.Terroriss are thriving from our taxmoney and our dependence on
their oil.So many in our military have committed suicide.There is
nothing but chaos.God is not the author of confusion,which proves this
war is of Satan.Everything God’s word teaches us is not to rely on our
flesh but rely on Him.Just like no true follower of Christ will be
antisemitic.Romans chapter 11 speaks against the hypocrisy of judging
Israel.BTW I heard you on COAST TO COAST with George Noory.I was
impressed with what you said about Mel Gibson being possessed with an
antisemitic demon.This is the one so many christians look up to because
of his PASSION movie.He is not even a christian,but a catholic.We all
know that catholicism is the whore of babylon because they compromise
with every religion.In fact you should probably know this that satanism
came about through the catholic church. Of course the way protestants
are now are no better than catholics.There are so many gay churches
now.The lies of ecumenism seem to pollute all the churches no matter the
label.Light has no fellowship with darkness.I know addressed a lot in
this but I was just curious about where you stand now on Bush since his
evil fruit has been exposed.

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