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An Update On The List Of Black Regiment Pastors

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

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Let me remind readers that our directory of Black Regiment pastors is
now online. We also have a list of cities in which people have told us
they are looking for Black Regiment pastors. We have even listed a few
Black Regiment pastors who are looking for churches. Be sure to visit
this page often, because we are constantly adding new pastors to the

See the Black Regiment directory at

In addition, we have added several new videos to our web site. These
include three of my recent Sunday addresses. Titles added are “The
Master’s Plan,” “Labor Not To Be Rich,” and “A Labor Day Sermon.”
Watch these sermon videos at

Plus, we have uploaded a speech by Professor Steven Yates that I
believe everyone needs to watch. I recently had the privilege of
sharing the platform with Professor Yates during the Upcountry Freedom
Conference in Greenville, South Carolina. He delivered this speech
during that conference. I liked it so much that I asked my staff to
upload it to our web site. It is now online. We have titled his
speech, “Professor Steven Yates Speaks To The Remnant.” It is a
fantastic presentation. I encourage all my readers to watch it. See it

We have also uploaded my radio interview with Vic Eliason on the
nationwide radio broadcast “Crosstalk.” That interview is located at

And there is one more: I was recently invited to participate in a live
TV forum on CNN Headline News “Prime News with Erica Hill.” This
interview has been uploaded at

As always, there is never any charge to view or download our videos.
One may access these videos using either a dial up or high speed
modem. Plus, one may download an audio version as an MP3 file for use
in one’s IPOD.

Let me remind readers, too, that we will be printing THE FREEDOM
DOCUMENTS next month. These are 50 of the most notable documents of
American history in one volume. We are currently taking reservations.
To reserve your copies, go to

Again, thank you for reading my commentaries.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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