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An Update On The List Of Black Regiment Pastors

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

This column is archived at

Let me remind readers that our directory of Black Regiment pastors is
now online. We also have a list of cities in which people have told us
they are looking for Black Regiment pastors. We have even listed a few
Black Regiment pastors who are looking for churches. Be sure to visit
this page often, because we are constantly adding new pastors to the

See the Black Regiment directory at

In addition, we have added several new videos to our web site. These
include three of my recent Sunday addresses. Titles added are “The
Master’s Plan,” “Labor Not To Be Rich,” and “A Labor Day Sermon.”
Watch these sermon videos at

Plus, we have uploaded a speech by Professor Steven Yates that I
believe everyone needs to watch. I recently had the privilege of
sharing the platform with Professor Yates during the Upcountry Freedom
Conference in Greenville, South Carolina. He delivered this speech
during that conference. I liked it so much that I asked my staff to
upload it to our web site. It is now online. We have titled his
speech, “Professor Steven Yates Speaks To The Remnant.” It is a
fantastic presentation. I encourage all my readers to watch it. See it

We have also uploaded my radio interview with Vic Eliason on the
nationwide radio broadcast “Crosstalk.” That interview is located at

And there is one more: I was recently invited to participate in a live
TV forum on CNN Headline News “Prime News with Erica Hill.” This
interview has been uploaded at

As always, there is never any charge to view or download our videos.
One may access these videos using either a dial up or high speed
modem. Plus, one may download an audio version as an MP3 file for use
in one’s IPOD.

Let me remind readers, too, that we will be printing THE FREEDOM
DOCUMENTS next month. These are 50 of the most notable documents of
American history in one volume. We are currently taking reservations.
To reserve your copies, go to

Again, thank you for reading my commentaries.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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George Bush Is Not A Christian But A Fraud!

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

I heard Bob Larson last night on COAST TO COAST with George Noory.He was
pretty good.I am a bit surprised that he mentioned exorcising Mel Gibson
because of his antisemitic statement when he was caught drunk
driving.This is the one christians look up to because of his movie THE
PASSION.That is why I found that particularly bold of him to say.Of
course Mel is not even christian,but catholic.The bible is clear about
drunkards not entering His kingdom.Anyone that pursues such a lifestyle
does not have the love of the Father in him. Alcohol,being a clear open
door for demons also reveals a persons true wicked heart.Just looking
around various sites about Bob Larson seems like he may be a bushbot
religious right type.I sent him an email that didn’t get through.Maybe
you can try to write him to see where he stands now on Bush. Especially
with his statement about all religions praying to the same god.What I
read may have been earlier statements and was fooled like all of us were
early on.Maybe he has changed now.If not then he is like all these other
hypocrites that claim they are not biased or partisan,that they hold
both parties to the same standards,to which you know most who say that
are lying.Bob has a new book out now about the world religions.That is
why if he is genuine he can’t be a bushbot now.He is wanting to do a
reality show on exorcisms.I don’t think that is such a good idea seeing
how phony and tacky all those type of shows are.All that stuff is
scripted.That would only give fuel to his critics that say he is a

It is obvious that Bush is not a christian by his fruits.Jesus said we
would know them by their fruits. Bush has said that all religions pray
to the same god.Do you cover Bush’s statement in your new book about
world relgions?Would you agree with me that the church is gone apostate
for the most part when religious leaders still support blasphemers like
Bush,who deny the supremacy of Christ and his devious plans of dividing
up Israel in his roadmap for peace plan?It is apparent that Bush is a
freemason because I have read that they are behind this one world
religion.Anyone who knows their bible knows that Bush has a spirit of
antichrist.He has promoted lawlessness (a characteristic of the
antichrist as mentioned in the bible) by rewarding illegals,lets drug
dealers off while betraying border patrol agents,celebrates muslim
holidays over any other,contributes to nations that severely persecute
christians,blames God for the AFRICAN AIDS EPIDEMIC,is a strong
supporter of the UN,pushes one world government and one world
religion,has aided Israel’s enemies-palestinian terrorists,and the list
goes on into almost infinity.God’s word clearly says that those who
curse Israel are cursed.Also Jesus said woe to those who call evil good
and good evil.Anyone that really knows God’s word would not be so easily
deceived,but yet so many professing christians follow after Bush as
though he was the Christ.This is blatant double standards because the
dems could not get away with most of the stuff that Bush gets away
with.I get so tired of all the lies from hypocrites who claim not to be
partisan by holding both parties accountable.So many that have said that
I see through such obvious lies.Those who spoke out against Clinton
during his administration do not speak out against Bush now,who is
actually worse than Clinton in many reguards.You have exposed Clinton’s
evil in the past.Are you  exposing Bush’s evil now?The bible says that a
doubleminded person is unstable in all their ways and will receive
nothing from God.Your biggest challenge would be to try to exorcise Bush
of his multitude of demons.Of course I understand that you can’t do that
if he wants them. Jesus said that wicked and adulterous generaton cannot
discern the signs of the times.God has warned us time after time.All the
signs are there.Look at the escalation of natural disaters going on.Like
the massive wildfires in CA.Also outbreaks of tornadoes and floods and
all kinds of crazy weather,which heathens call global warming,but is
only judgment of God on this nation.Like Hurricane Katrina was a result
of Bush’s involvement in the Gaza pullout in Israel.This is continuing
on just like abortion,which Bush refused to overturn.What kind of fools
are we that we think we can win the war on terror when we terrorize the
unborn through the genocide atrocities of abortion?Not to mention having
open borders the whole time.That is supreme stupidity.Fear of God is the
beginning of wisdom.Those who are this stupid prove they have no fear of
God.God has no partiallity and He will judge us worse than the heathens
because those who have the truth have rebelled against God
deliberately.To much is given much is required.There is no excuse for
ignorance from those who profess they love God.If they really love Him
they would read His word and obey,not trying to take it way out of
context.It is because of our natonal sin that terrorism is thriving.God
is not mocked,a man will reap what he has sown.Only by true national
repentance can there be any hope against terrorism or any hope at
all.Jesus said to pull the plank from your eye before removing the speck
from your brother’s.If our nation is so full of sin,with abortion and
homosexuality,then how can we judge any other nation?God’s word says
that judgment begins in the House of God.Also says to get your own house
in order.That is what we need to do before we judge anyone else.Jesus
spoke against hypocritical judgment by saying how you judge others is
how you will be judged.Our only guide to righteous judgment is God’s
word.If anyone defies scripture then we know what spirit they are
of.There is so much proof now that the republican party is not a
christian party because most candidates are pro-abortion and corporate
greedmongers that would sell out our country just like Bush has and
Judas has for the thirty pieces of silver.Remember that only the truth
will set people free.Americanism is then current idolatry.There are
those with such arrogance to think that this nation can do no
wrong.Actually quite the opposite is true.This nation was founded by
slave owners.The layout of Washington DC is a pentagram.They also have
pagan idols throughout the city on government buildings.I’d like to see
someone point out that hypocrisy of separation of church and state,when
it is apparent that our government is pushing pagan church.There is even
occultic symbols on our currency.Newage and other false religions make
references to God,but it is not the one true God of the bible.Long ago I
was a bushbot and a warmonger,but no longer.My family though still
is.They are sold to this Bush idolatry.Those who have this bloodlust for
war must really have demons to deal with.If we are spiritual Israel then
we need to take our cue from them.In the books of the prophets they were
rebuked for their trust in military might.The bible is clearly
antiwar.Like 2Cor.10:3-6 clearly says that we do not war as the world
does.How can any claim to be of Christ while blatanty ignoring scripture
like that?Jesus said that those who live by the sword will die by the
sword.”VENGEANCE IS MINE”says the LORD.This Iraq war has so much evil
fruit.Iraqi christians have less freedom now then before.Islam is
spreading throughout the world because our efforts in the flesh has
cause this backlash.Mosques are growing to a large degree in this
country.Terroriss are thriving from our taxmoney and our dependence on
their oil.So many in our military have committed suicide.There is
nothing but chaos.God is not the author of confusion,which proves this
war is of Satan.Everything God’s word teaches us is not to rely on our
flesh but rely on Him.Just like no true follower of Christ will be
antisemitic.Romans chapter 11 speaks against the hypocrisy of judging
Israel.BTW I heard you on COAST TO COAST with George Noory.I was
impressed with what you said about Mel Gibson being possessed with an
antisemitic demon.This is the one so many christians look up to because
of his PASSION movie.He is not even a christian,but a catholic.We all
know that catholicism is the whore of babylon because they compromise
with every religion.In fact you should probably know this that satanism
came about through the catholic church. Of course the way protestants
are now are no better than catholics.There are so many gay churches
now.The lies of ecumenism seem to pollute all the churches no matter the
label.Light has no fellowship with darkness.I know addressed a lot in
this but I was just curious about where you stand now on Bush since his
evil fruit has been exposed.

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Bill Wiese’s “23 Minutes in Hell”

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

This is interesting to read when you have the chance.What he says is
very possible.I know all the hell experiences differ a little from each
who have this experience.That doesn’t dismis any of them.They may be
just differing levels of punishment and torment.Even though hell as it
is now may not be all fire,but it still pure excrutiating pain
constantly.I guess it changes to all fire when hell is cast into the
lake of fire.One area I disagree was when he said the demons would
torment for all eternity.In the lake of fire the demons will be in
torment.As it is now the demons are not in torment. The kind of torture
mentioned here is like what is in the lyrics of some of the satanic
bands I used to listen to,which proves that it is a reality,not just
some sick twisted fantasy.The hatred that is displayed in the lyrics of
these bands is a reality for all those who do not accept Christ are
subjected to. Man if this doesn’t wake up people nothing will.I guess
most are just deaf,dumb,and blind.They can’t seem to grasp the nature of
the enemy.When I was in this darkness I felt this very same hatred,so I
know what a reality evil is.The way I used to be I was my own worst
enemy.One of my favorite bands in my past was SLAYER.Their lyrics
glorified war.They were warmongers,which shows that the neocons are of
the very same satanic spirit as such bands.They also glorified the nazi
holocost,which the Bush family participated in.They are a band after
Bush’s own heart.Both will be subject to judgment as well.As well as
those who continue to follow after this antichrist.

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George Bush And The Promise Keepers

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

This is a pretty good article. This exposes Bush as the phony he is. I
had some mixed feelings about some of the stuff mentioned in here but
just probably took it the wrong way. It seemed to demonize good
intentions but I think this was just exposing the motives behind these
intentions. I am a little confused about the whole heaven on earth
thing. Some point out the some scripture in the prophets about God
pouring out His spirit on all flesh in the last days, but still I don’t
think it gives percentages as it being the majority. It may just be
refering to diversity,like all flesh meaning some of every race. Most
scripture speaks negative of end times like the Great Falling Away. I
think what this article is getting at is that you can’t force holiness
through the arm of the flesh, which most seem to be doing. I think the
biggest danger of teaching heaven on earth is creating a false sense of
security and almost seems to deny the Great Tribulation. If everyone
gets saved then there is no Tribulation. I think those who teach this
are the agents of the antichrist deceiving people into thinking that he
is the real Christ. People need to read the words of Jesus. He said that
when he returns it will be with great power and glory like lightning in
the sky. All other claims are false. This article also points out
scriptures that tell us to follow no man but that of that of the Holy
Spirit. Like 1John 2:27, John 14:26, 1Peter 2:9, and 1Samuel 8:4-22.
This article really brings a lot of scriptures to light. Scriptures you
will never hear in church.

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This is a revealing arcticle of what is going on now.Ijust recently got

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

This is a revealing arcticle of what is going on now. I just recently got an email from ONE, a false christian newage organization promoting this crap.

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A Giuliani Nomination Dooms America

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

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This past week, I was interviewed by best-selling author and World Net
Daily columnist Jerome Corsi. (Read the column at ) The subject of
the interview was the potential conservative Christian response to the
possibility that Rudy Giuliani would gain the Republican nomination
for President next year. (We also discussed the cozy connection
between the Bush and Clinton families, which will probably be dealt
with in a future Corsi column.)

I told Dr. Corsi, “A lot of conservative Christians will never vote
for Rudy Giuliani.” I will even go so far as to say that no genuine
Christian conservative could possibly vote for Giuliani. And, no, it
does not matter that Hillary Clinton might be elected President as a
result. A Giuliani or Clinton choice is tantamount to a choice between
Nero or Caligula.

Let me say it plainly: a Hillary Clinton administration would be no
worse than a Rudy Giuliani administration. In some ways, it might not
be as bad. At least, with a Democrat in the White House, conservatives
might try to act like conservatives and muster the energy to actually
oppose some of her liberal proposals.

The record is clear: when a Republican is in the White House,
conservatives not only lose their backbone, they also lose their brain
cells. They walk around in a daze without the ability to even see what
is going on right before their eyes. They become “mind-numbed robots”
with no commitment to principle whatsoever. Why? Because one of “their
own” is in office. At that point, it becomes a “see no evil, hear no
evil, and speak no evil” situation. If two George W. Bush
administrations have taught us anything, they have taught us that.

Of course, there are pseudo-conservatives who will argue that Giuliani
is better than Hillary, because he will not be as prone to raise taxes
as Hillary would be. These are the Rockefeller Republicans who could
not care less about the murder of unborn babies, or the destruction of
the American family, or whether any citizen maintains the right to
keep and bear arms, or whether U.S. sovereignty is surrendered, or
whether our country is led by a modern Napoleon, or whether America is
merged into a North American Union, or whether illegal aliens are
granted citizenship, ad infinitum. The only thing they care about is
their pocketbook. They are piranhas who only want to manipulate
politics to feed their own selfish and greedy interests. They would
vote for the devil himself, if he promised them more money.

Not that liberals are any better. They are not. But at least one knows
exactly what to expect from liberals and how to oppose them.

Real patriotism is neither money-hungry nor socialistic. Real patriots
want what is best for America, not what is best for themselves. They
understand and appreciate America’s Christian heritage and are not
trying to turn the United States into a politically correct,
Balkanized, welfare state. They understand the importance of
preserving constitutional government, the Bill of Rights, and
Declaration principles. As a result, real patriots are looking for
statesmen, not charlatans.

It is unclear at this point exactly how many true patriots are left in
America. The 2008 elections will certainly help clarify the issue a
great deal, because no real patriot, no real conservative could
support Rudy Giuliani.

I have a hunch, however, that there are more genuine patriots left in
our country than many people want to admit. For example, I have been
swamped with emails from readers assuring me that they will never vote
for Giuliani NO MATTER WHAT. Here is a sample email that I just
received from San Jose, California:

“I keep reading and watching on TV (mostly Fox News) that most
Republicans will vote for Giuliani with the hopes of defeating
Hillary. Today I again read the same dribble from NewsMax. For what
it’s worth here is my response to them:

“Who on the NewsMax staff came up with this 47% of Republicans will
vote for Giuliani because they’re afraid of Hillary?

“Afraid of the Hildabeast? Please!

“All but a very few of my associates are Republicans and none, repeat,
none are going to vote for Giuliani and that’s right here in the
People’s Republik of Kalifornia even.

“If the Republican Party does not move back to the Right AS IT SHOULD
BE, all of my friends without exception are going to change to the
Conservative Constitution Party or re-register as an Independent. I’ve
already made the change as has my wife and daughter.”

I have received scores of emails that say the same thing.

As I have already written, I personally believe that the elitists who
control both major parties are manipulating the election so as to
ensure a Hillary victory. And, yes, the Bush machine is clandestinely
supporting Hillary as well. They know that real conservatives will not
support Giuliani, which is why they are promoting him. He is the fall
guy for Hillary Clinton. But in case he did win, he would continue to
do the bidding of the international elites just as Dubya has done.
They win either way.

If real conservatives within the GOP want to head off a Giuliani
catastrophe, they need to get behind someone such as Ron Paul. If
Giuliani obtains the presidential nomination, one of two things will
happen: he will lose the general election and facilitate massive
Republican losses in both houses of Congress, or he will win the
election and turn the GOP into a Big-Government, police-state,
warmongering leviathan that will forever corrupt the Party, turning it
into something reminiscent of Nazi Germany. America loses either way.

Grassroots Republicans have an opportunity in the primaries to reject
the liberal, Big-Government path that the GOP leadership is forcing on
the Party by rejecting the Big-Government candidates, Rudy Giuliani,
Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and John McCain. Candidates such as Duncan
Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and Ron Paul give conservatives
within the GOP alternatives to these Big-Government neocons. (Mike
Huckabee is too much in the mushy middle for me.)

However, if the Rockefellers succeed in nominating someone such as
Giuliani, real patriots will do what they have always done–stand for
principle and vote independent. (It is time we had a major independent
challenge to the two major parties, anyway.) If you want to start
doing some homework now about the possibility of voting for real
conservatives in the 2008 elections, do what that person in California
did and check out the Constitution Party at

The line in the sand is being drawn. Better start thinking now about
where you will stand. As for me and my house, we would rather stand on
the Bible and the U.S. Constitution and vote our conscience than bow
the knee to madmen such as Rudy Giuliani.

(c) Chuck Baldwin


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Pat Robertson Proves His Apostasy By Endorsing Rudy Giuliani

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

Well the cat is out of the bag. We see what a phony that Pat Robertson
is. He supports a pro-death candidate. This proves without a doubt that
Pat is a lying hypocrite from hell. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Following the likes of him is as bad as being a bushbot idolater. This
proves that a lot of these rich preachers are indeed satanic imposters.
So apparently all those articles against Robertson were true and not
just some conspiracy rant. Jesus said we would know them by their
fruits, and Pat’s fruit exposes him for what he is. No true christian
will support a pro-death, pro-homosexual, globalist candidate like Rudy.
I also heard that Sam Brownback, who was supposed to be one of the true
candidates, is now supporting John McCain. It is interesting to see how
phony even those who pretend to not be in the mainstream beltway are
supporting those who are. All the false religious leaders will be
exposed now by their support for all these other corrupt candidates.
Everyone with a conscience needs to hold our religious leaders
accountable. We need to to see who they are supporting, and if they
support these corrupt candidates then people need to stop giving to
them. For those who care there is ways to get involved to fight this
corruption. One way is to stop giving to these liars like Pat Robertson
or any other leaders that will not stand up for truth and support
wickedness. Also flood their congressman with calls, emails, or faxes
against Bush’s corrupt policies like the LAW OF THE SEA TREATY. This
proves how corrupt all the Bush supporters are because they will support
other corrupt scoudrels as well. WE SEE ALL YOU BUSHBOTS FOR WHAT YOU

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Christians Should Support Constitutional Government

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

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This column is archived at

I was honored to speak before the National Committee of the
Constitution Party on Thursday, October 25, 2007 in Council Bluffs,
Iowa. Today’s column is a condensed version of that address.

Daniel Webster is regarded as perhaps America’s most notable jurist.
Webster said, “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the
Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has
happened once in 6000 years may not happen again. Hold on to the
Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will
be anarchy throughout the world.”

He also said, “The hand that destroys the Constitution rends our Union
asunder forever.”

Please remember that this is the same Daniel Webster who said: “If we
abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on
prospering and to prosper; but if we and our posterity neglect its
instruction and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe
may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity.”

You see how Daniel Webster (like most of America’s founders) was a man
with deeply-held Christian convictions. He believed the Bible. He was
a devout believer. And he found no contradictions between the Bible
and the Constitution. In fact, he believed (as do I) that the
Constitution is the best safeguard for Christian liberty that we have.

When any constitutionally-elected officeholder assumes office, he or
she promises to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the
United States. They don’t promise to represent “conservative
principles” or to be “loyal to a political party,” etc. The
Constitution is the contract between “We the people” and our civil

When you or I hire an electrician or plumber to do work for us, we
sign a contract for specific work to be done. And at the end of the
day, I really don’t care whether he claims to be a Christian or where
he goes to church or how religious he claims to be. When the work is
finished, I want my lights to turn on and my toilet to flush. In other
words, I expect him to live up to his contract.

When we elect people to public office, we should expect only one
thing: that they uphold their contract to preserve, protect, and
defend the Constitution of the United States.

You see, adherence to the Constitution protects our freedom of speech
and assembly; our freedom of worship; our right to keep and bear arms;
our right to a trial by jury; the right to be secure in our own homes
against police overreach; our right to witness for Christ in public,
as a Christian; the right to own property; the right to not be
deprived of life or property without due process of law; the right to
face our accusers, and the right to keep government local and limited.

In fact, keeping government local and limited is the cornerstone
doctrine of American government. In most nations, the federal
government holds power over virtually every area of the lives of its
people. Not so in America–at least, not in the America that was
originally crafted.

Most of the problems that we are now dealing with socially,
culturally, financially, etc., stem from America abandoning the basic
founding principle that “the government that governs least governs

Accordingly, America’s commitment to life, liberty, and the pursuit of
happiness has been (and is being) systematically stripped from us–not
by State legislatures, but mostly by agencies of the federal

Consider how it has been federal courts that have banned prayer in
school, and legalized abortion and homosexual marriage. Even in the
liberal State of Massachusetts it was the courts (along with a
compliant liberal governor, Mitt Romney), that forced acceptance of
homosexual marriage upon the people.

Today, we have federal departments and agencies almost without number.
We have the Department of Education, the Department of Transportation,
the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security, the
Department of Agriculture, the Department of Commerce, the Department
of Health and Human Services, the Department of Housing and Urban
Development, the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor, the
Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of
the Interior, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Each and every federal department and agency, in its own way and for
its own purposes, to one degree or another, ignores or violates
constitutional government. And as a result, they contravene and strip
away the rights and freedoms of States collectively and of the people

The result of this gargantuan federal monstrosity includes
back-breaking taxation and over-regulation, which fuel inflation,
stymie productivity, and invite foreign influence.

One only has to observe how President Bush is now appealing to the
U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of an illegal Mexican alien who raped and
murdered two Houston, Texas teenagers, arguing that his death sentence
should be overturned and that he should be given a new trial. Bush’s
reason? Illegal aliens should be under the authority of a UN “world
court” instead of the State of Texas’ authority.

Observe how Bush is pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens. See how he
has merged these United States into a regional government by signing
onto the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement with Canada and
Mexico. See how he is pushing for a NAFTA superhighway. Observe how he
and other globalists are planning to replace the U.S. dollar with a
regional, multinational currency called the Amero.

Furthermore, virtually every administration for the last fifty years
has engaged in an aggressive nation-building foreign policy. (Can
anyone say, “Iraq”?) In addition, in contradiction to the stated
warnings of our nation’s founders, they have actively pursued
entangling alliances with unfriendly governments. The past three
administrations in particular have deliberately steered our country
down a path of multiculturalism, globalism, and elitism.

Pastors, especially, should fight for constitutional government! Do
you preachers really think that there will be any room for the
old-time Gospel when the globalists and elitists in the federal
government have finished with their diabolical schemes?

Already, President Bush repeatedly tells us that Christians and
Muslims–and all other religions–worship the same God. How long will
you preachers be able to preach the narrow message of salvation, that
Christ is the only way to Heaven, when Bush’s doctrine of Universalism
is the accepted religion? And make no mistake about it: Universalism
is the national religion of the United Nations, the European Union,
and the emerging North American Union.

The Department of Homeland Security is already holding seminars for
pastors, instructing them how they should ask their congregants to
turn in their firearms in the event that the President declares a
national emergency. How many of you pastors are prepared to become an
instrument of gun confiscation for global government?

This is what happens when we abandon constitutional government.

It is not enough that a candidate says he is a Christian. Every
politician I know, or have ever known, says they are a Christian–at
least every four years. It is not enough that a candidate carries a
giant-print Bible to church. It is not enough that he says he prays or
says that “faith is important.”

The truth is, if the candidate is a sincere Christian, he or she will
all the more readily obey his or her oath to preserve, protect, and
defend the Constitution of the United States. After all, does not our
Lord tell us that our yea is to be yea and our nay is to be nay? In
other words, genuine believers are to be true to their word. How,
then, could a true Christian make a promise before God and the
American people to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution
and then turn around and ignore that promise? He couldn’t.

Therefore, a professing believer who is elected to public office and
then ignores his or her promise to the Constitution proves that he or
she is not a true Christian but a phony who only uses a religious
testimony to dupe Christians.

Take the issue of abortion, for example. Ron Paul proposed the
“Sanctity of Life Act of 2005” (and 2007), which would require that
“human life shall be deemed to exist from conception, without regard
to race, sex, age, health, defect, or condition of dependency”

The bill also provides that “the Congress recognizes that each State
has the authority to protect unborn children…” And that “the Supreme
Court shall not have jurisdiction to review …the performance of
abortions; or the provision of public expenses of funds, facilities,
personnel, or other assistance for the performance of abortions.”

In other words, Dr. Paul understands that Article. III. Section. 2. of
the U.S. Constitution gives to Congress the authority to rein in an
abusive judiciary and take the issue of abortion (or homosexual
marriage or fill in the blank) out from under the jurisdiction of the
Court. This means that should Congressman Paul’s bill become law,
abortion on demand ends and Roe v Wade is overturned.

So, please tell me why, after having control of both houses of
Congress and the White House for six years, did these “pro-life”
Republicans in Congress and a “pro-life” President not pass Dr.
Paul’s bill?  Why? Because they really do not give a hoot about
abortion, but only use pro-life rhetoric to dupe conservative voters.

In addition, those conservatives who have followed President Bush’s
preemptive war doctrine are the ones who have abandoned historical
conservative principles. Before G.W. Bush changed the landscape,
conservatives–especially Christian conservatives–mostly subscribed
to Augustine’s “just war” theory regarding accepted protocols for the
conduct of war. Today, however, many professing conservatives have
foolishly followed Bush’s “preemptive war” theory, which, before now,
was practiced mostly by pagan emperors. As Christians, however, we
should still subscribe to “just war.”

In concert with “just war” philosophy (not to mention American
history), Christians should agree with Ron Paul’s approach to dealing
with terrorists. He authored H.R. 3076, the September 11 Marque and
Reprisal Act of 2001. According to Paul, “A letter of marque and
reprisal is a constitutional tool specifically designed to give the
president the authority to respond with appropriate force to those
non-state actors who wage war against the United States while limiting
his authority to only those responsible for the atrocities of that
day. Such a limited authorization is consistent with the doctrine of
just war and the practical aim of keeping Americans safe while
minimizing the costs in blood and treasure of waging such an

This is precisely what President Thomas Jefferson did when America’s
ships were confronted with Barbary pirates on the high seas.

If the United States government had listened to Ron Paul, we would not
have lost nearly 4,000 American soldiers and Marines, spent over $1
trillion, and gotten bogged down in an endless civil war from which
there is no equitable extraction. Furthermore, had we listened to Dr.
Paul, Osama bin Laden would no doubt be dead, as would most of his
al-Qaeda operatives, and we would be less vulnerable to future
terrorist attacks, instead of being more vulnerable, which is the case

How can anyone say with a straight face that they are fighting a war
on terrorism while at the same time doing absolutely nothing to secure
our borders and ports?!

I submit that every true American, especially conservative Christians,
should enthusiastically support constitutional government. I further
believe that a President who would take his oath to the Constitution
seriously would bring a new birth of freedom to America the likes of
which has not been seen since 1776. May God give us such a man!

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Winning The War At Home

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

There is a war here at home, and it is even more deadly than
the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Far more Americans are being
killed by violent, evil people here in America than in our
official military “combat zones” overseas. In 2004 alone,
there were over 14,000 murders in the United States.

We have much to do to reverse these horrible statistics.

The truth is, all too many Americans are being killed. But
what is so completely senseless is to tolerate the killing
of Americans by people who are in the United States
illegally and who have previously been arrested for a felony.

Did you know that one of the suspected murderers of three
young African-American college bound students in Newark,
New Jersey two weeks ago was in the United States illegally?
Did you know that this wasn’t his first vicious crime —
that he was indicted last month for raping a five year
old girl repeatedly and threatening to kill her family?
And that ten months ago, he was charged with assaulting
patrons in a bar?

It is intolerable that the lives of three young, achieving
students were cut brutally short by someone who not only
should not have been in the United States in the first
place, but who should have been in jail awaiting trial,
sentencing, prison and eventual deportation!

One step we can take now to stop this war here at home
is to require local governments to determine if an
arrested felon is here illegally and if so to detain
any such felon until they can be tried, sentenced,
imprisoned, and eventually deported.

As a father, and a grandfather, I am outraged our government
failed to protect these four promising young people in Newark
(one victim survived the shooting).   And as an American, I
am sickened that the political leadership of America continues
their August vacations and does nothing to prevent such
avoidable killings from taking place again.

The President should call Congress back into emergency
session for three days to pass a single, decisive bill
that would end “sanctuary” cities and establish a system
for identifying the immigration status of felons who are
here illegally and detaining them so they cannot commit
more crimes.  Current prisoners will be screened to
identify if they are in the United States illegally;
if they are, they will be turned over to federal authorities
for deportation.

This failure to take sensible measures to protect Americans
shows how our government isn’t working right now. No matter
how painful, big or urgent the problem our nation is facing,
we are trapped in politics and partisan wrangling as usual.
That’s why we are losing the war at home.

If you share my outrage over the failure of our government
to secure our borders and defend our citizens from those
who enter our country illegally and have even already been
arrested, I would like to keep you informed about what our
“American Solutions” team is doing to create the solutions
that can transform our government, and make government work.

Simply click here and I will automatically register you to
receive my regular email updates:

All you have to do is click on this link and I will automatically
include you in my personal updates on my perspective on breaking

Terry, government isn’t working.  That’s the reason we
have over 12 million people living here illegally.

But we can make things better…if we insist on it, and work for it!

I’d love to include you on the team of people who want to
think and hear about ways we transform our government and
move our country forward.

Newt Gingrich

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The Bush Administration Plot To Turn Your Kids Into Government Zombies

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

I guess maybe that is why so many compromise because they are
afraid of being alone.I really don’t know because I just can’t figure
these lunatics out.I would be more worried about eternal damnation from
swallowing lies then anything else.I know I am on the right track
because all throughout the bible deals with justice and mercy.Anyone
that is indifferent to all the injustices going on do not have
love.Jesus always had compassion for the suffering,even for those who
stoned the prophets,yet these satanic republicans are so full of vile
hatred and no compassion for liberals or anyone outside their
ideology.They are fooling none but themselves.How can they claim to be
of God when God is outraged at injustices and they aren’t?There is major
conflict of fruit.That is where it gets a little confusing.I know we are
not to judge anyone’s heart but yet the bible is clear about the fruits
of the heart.I try to avoid condemning anyone outright but will just say
that a lot of them are on very dangerous grounds.What is the
purpose?What is worth throwing away eternity for some stupid idolatrous
ideology?Bush is getting exposed more and more every single day for the
fraud he is but those like my family stick to him no matter what.Someone
such as him are so deeply entrenched in evil that I think they are well
beyond the point of no return.There may be only very few rare cases of
masons defecting and become christians,especially the higher the level.I
do hear claims of certain preachers that are high level masons but I
can’t confirm as absolute truth.I guess all you an do is warn people to
stay away from them.There may be hope for republicans or conservatives
that haven’t sold their soul to Bush.It does seem that there is
increasing outrage towards Bush from more conservative sources.There is
one talk show host that seems to be in between independant and
lockstepper.He recently denounced Bush’s policies with Ted Kennedy as
disastrous,which I was surprised coming from him.One was that NO CHILD
LEFT BEHIND.I didn’t know this but he said that under this schools no
longer have recess or PE.It sounds like they are trying to turn the
chldren into a bunch of brainwashed mindlesss vegetables.I have also
heard about the school children being drugged up on Ritalin.Bush must be
responsible for that too because he is drugged up himself.It is like I
said before that a nation takes after it’s leader.No wonder we are in
such a mess when everyone is turning out like Bush,a drugged up vile
blasphemer.Recently there was in the news of a local pastor caught in
the act by undercover police for online soliciting for a fifteen year
old girl.It is no wonder people are staying away from churches.I have
written my liberal republican congresswoman several times about Bush’s
corruption.All she does to defend him is just the usual talking points
about the war.Beyond that she does not address any of the other examples
of corruption that I brought to her attention.So see,she doesn’t deny it
but rather avoids it because she knows there is no excuse for him.The
actions tell it all right there.She says she is taking this measure and
that measure to fight the illegals but not one word of cutting their
free welfare.So you know all those other claims has to be lies.Why would
they fight the very people they are funding?This is pure insanity.None
of these liars are to be believed until they deal with the welfare
issue.When they do that (which I seriously doubt they ever will) we will
know it.Everything won’t be catered to biligualism.Of course there are
those probably just as bad as Bush and are only pretending to oppose him
for their own convenience.In fact the way we can tell those who are true
is by how unpopular they are.Jesus gave the litmus test by saying those
who are his disciples will be hated.And also of course about the broad
path of destruction.

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