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Ex-Iraq forces commander rips U.S. leadership

Posted by soldierservant on November 10, 2007

This article is excellent. You probably have heard about his already if you keep up with
news. This war is a mess and that is coming from those who know this
firsthand directly.This makes me think that this is another WAG THE DOG
war that is only a distraction.I guess if Bush didn’t have this war he
would fear getting kicked out on his butt because of the whole illegal
mess.Remember back during the Clinton era they came ot with that funny
money with their faces on it?Well now they are doing the same with
Bush.Most of it is in spanish.It is money for illegals.I will have to do
some digging to see if I can find a site on that and forward it if I do
find anything.There are a lot getting really frustrated over this
administration.All the cowards like Rush try to cover up all of Bush’s
evil.Anyone is a complete fool to lockstep to this war after all this.
The only thing I disagree with this general is he is saying we need to
stay there.Well if it is getting worse because of us it would stand to
reason that getting out would make things better.This war is complete
hypocrisy because if we can’t even protect and secure our own nation
then how can we help any other?There is absolutely no logic or reason to
this.If Bush was sincere in this war he would have strategies and
objectives.If he doesn’t know what he is doing then we have no business
there.This is a joke of a COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF that doesn’t know how to
lead.And this is what the bushbot fools choose to worship?You have to be
a dunce to worship this dunce.

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