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New Mexico Senators Fight To Keep National Guard Members Along Border

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

Well it is a little encouraging to see that there are senators that are
bypassing the WHITEHOUSE in trying to protect our borders.We may have a
civil war between local and federal governments.Makes me wonder what
Bush will try to pull if these senators are very successful because this
has to cause much alarm to Bush’s illegal agenda.I don’t know if these
are the same ones I heard last night on Michael Savage’s SAVAGE NATION.
There may be even others that are determined to secure borders and
deport illegals.This will be very interesting to see how this turns
out.All the bushbots will be a laughing stock when they see their idol
implode on himself.We know that Bush wants terrorists in this country
because he keeps bringing in iraqi refugees in which the terrorists have
mingled with civilians.There is no way these lying bushbots can shut the
truth up.Bush is an open book for all to see.Those that defend him prove
to be ever the much a scoundrel as he.I hear that nobody is watching the
debates.Most of us realize that all these politcians are liars and
losers.I suspect there will not be much voter turnout,especially for the
republicans.Just a handful of mad dog neocon bushbot types that display
their ignorance by placing trust in liars.Even the democrats don’t have
much zeal for their candidates,but probably more than that of the
republicans.I would just love to see some hypocrite preacher get up now
and point his finger and tell us to vote for so and so or else you are
going to hell. Jesus clearly told us where the hypocrites will go. He
said in his parables that hypocrites are assigned a place where there is
weeping and gnashing of teeth.The religious leaders better wake up out
of their spiritual comfort zone.These hypocrites think they are immune
to judgment.It is totally opposite. They are the most vunerable and will
have much more to account for. Their position will bring harsher
judgment on themselves. There will be no mistake when we see a true
mighty move of God because judgment begins in the HOUSE. When we see
religious leaders openly repent for misleading the people then we know
that we are being visited by God. All I see is constant arrogance so
far. The military is also going to have to make a choice to either fight
for Bush or fight for this country.Like that scripture that asks how
long will you be halted between two opinions? Either you are for
defending this country against illegals and terrorists that Bush want,or
you defend Bush’s destruction of america. You either stand up for Christ
by saying that he is the only way or you take Bush’s side in saying that
all gods are the same,which denies Christ as the only way.

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