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Fred Thompson Surge Means Conservatives Are Desperate

Posted by soldierservant on September 18, 2007

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Chuck is saying what I had said about Thompson.He is a bad apple.The republicans are going down the toilet because of how out of touch they are with reality and common sense people.There may be a few maniacal bushbots but I bet their numbers are dwindling down.When there is no sign of victory in this war and will cost an endless budget besides the fact of open borders,who in their right mind would support this war?This war has caused our enemies to grow in number as well as in boldness.This war is going totally the opposite of what Bush says.You don’t expect the truth from a liar.What fool would trust Bush in this war after he has continally betrayed this country with his shamnesty bill, mexican truck bill which was banned but he plans to veto it,and continues to plan this
north american union?The only thing Bush has proved is that he does not have this country’s best interest at heart but only his own selfish selfserving agenda.He broke his oath of office to protect innocents when he has allowed abortion to go on as well as the open borders that has allowed heinous criminals to terrorize our citizens.Bush is a criminal
by nature and so are those who follow in his agenda.

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Many conservatives (including Christian conservatives) seem to be
jumping on the Fred Thompson bandwagon. As far as Republican
presidential contenders go, the biggest loser of the Thompson surge is
Mitt Romney. Many conservatives were supporting Romney only because
they perceived him as being the best chance to beat Rudy Giuliani. A
Hillary Clinton vs. Rudy Giuliani presidential election is a
conservative’s worst nightmare. Romney has the charm and money and is
now saying the “right” things. Hence, he has enjoyed moderate support
in the early goings of this campaign season. However, Romney’s liberal
track record is very disconcerting to conservatives. In their hearts,
conservatives cannot trust Romney.

The entrance of Fred Thompson in the presidential race immediately
took a toll on the Romney campaign. Romney’s support is dropping like
the temperature in northern Idaho in the wintertime. That trend will
probably continue, as more conservatives catch the Thompson wave.

The problem is, Thompson is not a conservative. Worse still (for the
GOP), Thompson cannot beat Hillary in a general election. Mark my
words, if Fred Thompson is the Republican nominee next November,
Hillary Clinton is your next president.

For that matter, I see only one Republican contender who might be able
to beat Hillary in the 2008 general election: Ron Paul. Yes, you read
it right. Ron Paul.

If Giuliani is the Republican nominee, conservative Christians will
stay home or vote third party. (It is past time for conservative
Christians to abandon the GOP, anyway. I encourage readers to check
out the Constitution Party as a viable alternative. See )
A Republican cannot win the White House without widespread support
from evangelical Christians. And Giuliani will never have widespread
support from evangelical Christians.

Newt Gingrich is toying with the idea of entering the race, but the
truth is out about Newt. His infidelities, his membership in the
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and his past betrayal of
conservative principles precede him. Newt is damaged goods. He has
little chance of obtaining the Republican nomination, and even if he
did, he has no chance of beating Hillary. None. Zero. Zilch.

The only Republican with the potential to pull an upset victory over
Clinton is Ron Paul. He is extremely popular among constitutionalists,
independents, and many Christians (including me). He is doing very
well in fundraising and on the Internet. And if Paul’s message was
given a fair hearing, evangelical Christians and traditional
conservatives would come to support him.

The only reason that some conservative Christians do not already
support Ron Paul is because they, themselves, do not understand
constitutional government. Years of Republican chicanery and
compromise have taken a toll on conservatives to the point that many
of them don’t understand truth when they see it. However, this could
change. The more people learn about Ron Paul and constitutional
government, the more they like him and it.

On the other hand, the more people learn about Fred Thompson, the more
they will dislike him. As with Gingrich, Thompson is a member of the
sinister cabal, the CFR, whose principle purpose for existence seems
to be the construction of one-world government and the destruction of
U.S. independence and sovereignty. This means Thompson will do nothing
to stop illegal immigration. (See
He will do nothing to stand in the way of the emerging North American
Union, and the NAFTA Superhighway, and he will continue the push for

In addition, Fred Thompson is the personification of a Washington
insider-lobbyist. Thompson was a lobbyist for twenty years before
being elected to the U.S. Senate. He represented organizations like
the Tennessee Savings and Loan Association and deposed Haitian
President Aristide. He continued lobbying after he left the Senate,
including representing a British insurance company that wants to limit
payments to the families of those who died from asbestos exposure. In
fact, Thompson’s presidential campaign is literally overflowing with
advisors and donors who are lobbyists, former lobbyists or employees
of lobbying firms. (See,2933,296339,00.html )
If Thompson was elected President, he would be the country’s first

On the life issue, Fred Thompson’s record is clearly pro-choice. In
1991 and 1992, Thompson was a paid lobbyist for the pro-abortion
organization, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Association. He also lobbied against the Republican Party’s pro-life
plank. According to Terry Jeffrey, “[W]hen Fred Thompson was in the
United States Senate, both times he ran for the Senate he ran as a
pro-choice candidate.”

One of the Religious Right’s most respected leaders, Richard Viguerie,
recently said this about Fred Thompson: “Fred Thompson’s record may
appear to be ‘conservative,’ but only by comparison with Rudy
Giuliani, John McCain, or Mitt Romney, and a Less-of-a-Big Government
Republican is still a Big Government Republican. And given his lack of
conservative leadership as a Senator, it would be a grave mistake to
expect conservative leadership from him as President.”

However, there is another glaring (and I mean glaring) reason why any
Republican presidential contender outside Ron Paul will not defeat
Hillary next November: every other Republican presidential contender
supports the Iraq war. That means every one of them (except Ron Paul)
is completely out of touch with over two-thirds of the American
electorate. And the longer our troops keep dying in Iraq, the more out
of touch the GOP will become with a vast majority of the American

President Bush has already made it clear that he intends for American
troops to remain in Iraq for years–if not decades–to come. And it
also seems clear that the GOP presidential candidates (except Ron
Paul) plan to follow Bush’s madness.

Republicans need to wake up to reality: people are sick of George
Bush, and they are sick of the Iraq war. Good grief! In less time than
our troops have been in Iraq, our men and women in uniform defeated
the combined forces of Germany, Japan, and Italy during World War II.
In Iraq, we have not been able to secure the city of Baghdad.

When America’s top military commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus,
was asked if all the efforts in Iraq–including the latest surge–make
America safer, his answer was an astounding, “I don’t know.” That is
an incredible statement. After more than four years of combat in a
country approximately the size of Texas, more than one-half trillion
dollars in cost, and the sacrifice of thousands of American lives, our
top military commander cannot honestly say that America is any safer.
Yet, Bush says we are “winning,” and he wants our troops to stay in
Iraq indefinitely.

I dare say that by the time November 2008 rolls around, support for
the Iraq war could be so low that the Republican Party may be lucky to
even be competitive in the national elections, no matter who their
candidate is (unless it is Ron Paul). This is because every single one
of the other GOP presidential contenders (including Fred Thompson) is
on record as supporting a continuing U.S. occupation of Iraq. In
addition, most of them are on record as supporting an expansion of the
war into other parts of the Middle East. (Interestingly enough,
however, none of them wants to discuss–much less threaten–the real
sponsors of terrorism: Russia and China.)

That Fred Thompson is surging to the position of Republican
presidential frontrunner means that conservatives are desperate.
Unfortunately, they do not seem to be desperate enough to look at
their own erroneous policies. Neither are they willing to look at the
recipe for their own recovery: principled, constitutional government.

I already hear the fat lady warming up.

(c) Chuck Baldwin¬†Please visit Chuck’s web site at

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