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On Lying Religious Right Preachers Supporting The Move To Global Fascism

Posted by soldierservant on August 22, 2007

A lot of religious leaders seem almost downright communistic. They try to
label anyone that speaks out for the truth as a strife sower. They use
these intimidation tactics to keep people silent as well as keeping
people from thinking for themselves. That is pure witchcraft. This country
was founded on free speech and if any preacher doesn’t like it they can
leave. I can even discern subtle impressions they leave where they don’t
come right out and say what they are getting at but there comment leaves
an awkward and unholy feeling. It may not be enough to just oppose the
president but also many of the religious leaders as well, especially all
the locksteppers. It is almost like they are wanting to establish a communistic theocracy. I had been curious to see various preachers to see what exactly they are teaching. I guess I am going to have to avoid that too because now some of them are making my
blood boil. I am afraid that even some of the ones that seem decent now
are going to flip out on something (not Chuck Baldwin though!). Jack Van Impe recently
said that the saudis and the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES are good and that they
are on our side. That is one of the biggest lies I have ever heard. Dubai
is tied in with the UAE and they support Ahmendinijad (whatever that
iranian hitlers name is). The saudis are responsible for 9/11. This is
totally unbelieveable. This is like a crazy three ring circus or
something between all the devil loving pharisee leaders,all the maniacal
bushbots ,and all the corrupt politicians.

One of the local towns here was fussing against an english only policy. These weren’t even Hispanics that were making this fuss. Alice in Wonderland seems sane compared to all the
nonsense going on. I also heard some substitute talk show host praise John McCain because he was a war hero and was moved because of how the group of military people supported him. That is pure stupid emotionalism. Just because whatever he went through doesn’t make him an authority on anything. He is as much a globalist as the rest. This also
shows you the proof of the idolatry of the military. The republicans are a laugh and a half. There is no way a republican will get it unless people wise up and put a nonglobalist in. The way it is now the republicans are all divided up that Hillary is the sure thing. They say she will shut us all down and come after us. So what. I don’t care. I won’t live my life like all these cowardly lockstepping gutter rats. I would rather have a villain I can see than a phony stabbing me in the back, like that coward Bush.

It is almost split up evenly between Giuliani, Romney,McCain,and Gingrich. They seem to make good speeches but they are all lies. Like Romney says he will cut federal funding to these sanctuary cities, if you can believe it. I don’t because I think he is a globalist, an international investment banker. Even if there is enough outrage against Bush people are likely to fall for some other schmuck.

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