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A Great Expose Of Religious Right Hypocrisy!

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

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Earthquake Kelly: Standing Strong On Abortion!

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

Bishop Earthquake Kelley warned us as well as others. It also shows the sickening pictures of the aborted babies. We do this to expose the utter wickedness of these Bushbots that continue to support Bush after he has refused to stop this when he could have. NO ONE WILL STAND BEFORE GOD AND GIVE A COPOUT
EXCUSE THAT THIS COULD NOT BE STOPPED.THESE HYPOCRITES WILL TRY TO PASS THE BUCK OFF TO THE LIBERAL LEFT BUT SERIOUS JUDGMENT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN UNDER BUSH’S TERM,SO THAT NO ONE CAN DENY HIS WICKEDNESS!You show this to any wicked lockstepper and tell them that the subject of those gruesome pictures are what they are supporting. These hypocrites go on and on about what terrorists do to us. Nick Berg was mild by comparison. This abortion is what is happening to the most innocent among us. Ask them how they can expect to escape God’s wrath when they support such atrocities. This is why I feel so many professed Christians are hopelessly lost. They make excuses for this. I forwarded that site to some I know also, as a warning. All these blasphemous idolaters talk about how noble our
military is,dying for our freedoms. Freedoms for what? Abortion! Our
soldiers are dying so we can slaughter the unborn?God will not put up
with this blasphemous mockery of this country.I say to hell with our
soldiers!That is where most of them will end up no doubt.All this BS you
hear about our military being moral and family oriented is all a big fat
lie!My friend was in the navy for a while and they were the biggest
bunch of whoremongers.My friend got corrupted out of his experience in
the service than before he joined.Everything about this country is a lie
and why it will ultimately be destroyed.It is all a matter of when,not
if.We are the most blasphemous nation on earth.It is only the likes
of those like us that have kept it from already being long destroyed.The
arrogance of those that claim to be christian say that God can’t judge
us.He has and He will.I believe those of us who are true will escape the
Great Tribulation but all the locksteppers will be left behind.Even then
it will be a miracle if they wise up if they aren’t given to the strong
delusion.But if they are not eternally damned they will go through hell
on earth.It is hard to find all the quotes that I heard from Bishop
Earthquake Kelley but he had other warnings.Like to the church.He said
that some false preachers will die right on the pulpit.What you think
happened to Jerry Falwell might have been totally opposite reason.Maybe
God took him not to save him from himself but to save others from him.It
is like what the Bible says that judgment begins in the house of God.It
is good we are not in those apostate churches so we won’t be in the
middle of things when the dirt hits the fan.I think maybe God has taken
us out of the church because of His judgment on them.The only true
church of revelation is the philadelphia church,which is what we are.

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The Pagan Sabbath And Harry Potter: What Is The Difference?

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

About a decade ago the subject of this false sabbath the church celebrates came to my attention and then at this time was when I had listened to my church’s lies to which they
gave some flimsy excuse, I forget what it was now. Since I recently came
across this again in my research it really makes me think that this is
no small trivial matter. Like what I mentioned before about those who
were persecuted for observing the true sabbath, from both catholic and
protestant alike.I know the enemy doesn’t persecute over nothing so
there must be something to it.If the sabbath observance is truely a
trivial matter then why has the true sabbath been fought so hard
against? Oh yeah,now I recall what the excuse: thatit was
under the old testament law and that the seventh day as sabbath was just
a jewish custom that christians don’t need to observe. Well then why
didn’t the rest of the ten commandments change?That was obviously a
bunch of lies.I can’t understand people with such mindsets that think they know more than God.I just can’t fathom such arrogance. I believe that it is due to this lie that has opened all kinds
of doors of Satan to the church. Satan is a legalist and therefore he has
legal grounds against the church which is why they have had every kind
of problem under the sun you can think of. This is how witches can get
away with coming into a church with full power over their
enemies,placing curses,teaching and pastoring churches. This is why the
church has been powerless and broke.This is why God is not in their
midst.Yet you hear all these hypocrites swear about the moving of God in
their church.If that were so then why do they never grow?The fact that
they are always easily deceived means they are never maturing.The fact
that they never learn truth proves that it is eiher in their mind or
counterfeit spirits.The Holy Spirit is not only the comforter but also
the teacher of God’s truth.If the Spirit really moved in these churches
He wouldn’t leave them to their ignorance.Only the enemy encourages
ignorance.Much that goes on is nonsense. Like Christians is caught up in
some class now teaching how to worship.How stupid do you have to be?If
you don’t have a heart for God you will never understand worship or
anything else of God.It is just more carnal nonsense.I talked to them about the importance of stopping abortion and he told me it is more important to deal with people’s struggles first. You see,it is more of that psychological self help nonsense.These fools teaching about worship prove their ignorance when they don’t see the importance of the
real sabbath.I think one of the major deceptions of those who buy into a
great endtime revival will be given over to compromise and acceptance of
all kinds of false teachings for some feelgood doctrines.I like to be
able to believe that sort of thing but I can’t find any biblical support
for any such thing as an endtime revival.Everything I read is that it is
all bad.People that are willing to believe that it will be all good are
in danger of being given over to the delusion that the antichrist is
christ.The Bible gave us clear warning that when they declare peace
sudden destruction will then come.

That Harry Potter series is paving the way for the antichrist and you see how the church has gone bonkers in not only accepting this garbage but are the biggest promoters of it. Local radioshow hosts that all claim to be christian but are as worldly as could be,all of them were really pushing Harry Potter. This series blasphemes Christ and all his true followers. How can any christian support something that openly blasphemes Christ? If you know any Harry Potter fans I’d advise you not to even bother because they are totally given over to the antichrist. I know this from my own experience when I
once contacted one these blasphemous talk show hosts on this subject. The guy was dumber than crap. Also the biggest supporters of the DaVinci Code are christians. A family member’s church promoted that when it came out. You
know what their silly excuse was?They was saying that we need to
familiarize ourselves with that movie or book in order to effectively
counter the lies and deceptions taught in it. Have you ever heard such
nonsense? That is like saying that you have to read a book of witchcraft
in order to denounce it. These churches are run by totally complete
morons corrupt to the core.It is no wonder the church is in such a
mess. This is why I refuse to go to a house of blasphemy. I guess the best
way we can honor the sabbath is to stay clear of all these liars and
just worship God among ourselves. You are right about John Hagee. I have
never seen someone act as haughty as he does. He tells flat out lies.He
says that taking God’s name in vain is the unpardonable sin but that
totally contradicts what Jesus said. Jesus said all manner of blasphemy
against him or the Father will be forgiven but not against the Holy
Spirit. Hagee comes across as a legalistic arrogant pharisee that is a
part of this golden calf pagan sunday worshippers. I believe the modern
pharisees are even worse than the originals. At least the original
pharisees observed the true sabbath and not a pagan day as sabbath. This
kind of brings new meaning to the scripture where Jesus said that our
righteousness must surpass that of the pharisees,  since a lot these days are worse off.

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Sun Myung Moon

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

I did some searches on Sun Myung Moon and found it astounding. I noticed that this was
really hushed up in the media. I don’t know if you have heard but Jerry Falwell
accepted money from him and delivered him from the enormous debt he was in. So it is apparent that Falwell sold out. I also found out that he was indeed a full blown lockstepper that thought Bush could do no wrong. The thing about some of these sites is some lack of credibility. One site that I thought was exposing the falseness of SMM ended up agreeing and praising him. They embraced this false peace and false love. Also other
sites blame only the conservatives that embraced him, but am sure that liberals did too, so there is a lot of unbalanced sources. The facts of SMM speak for themselves but it looks bad when someone puts their own partial spin on it. People will dismis it if it is not presented in an objective way, so I will keep on to try to find legitimate sources on
this. I’m not sure what all this means, If Sun Myung Moon is a part of the new world order, or is the new world order, or if the new world order is a compilation of false religions and secret societies?

Also found out about Allah, that he was a pre-islamic pagan god. This proves that those in
deception are even deceived about their own religion.That explains their crescent moon symbol that is predominant in islam.  But it seems like chrstians are always suffering financially and end up giving into temptation of receiving bribes from evil men. I guess it is a satanic conspiracy to keep the righteous from prospering. This is why I wonder about any of these wealthy preachers that have no financial cares, that must have compromised with the god of this world. It seems like only the corrupt are wealthy. Just like catholics are real weathy, especially the pope. Why don’t that self righteous hypocrite give his enomous wealth to he suffering and poor? This exposes the falseness of him. About some Christians mom it is hard to tell. I try to warn them of things like about the occultic
origins of our nation. This subject does get confusing because there does seem to be a mixture of both christian and occultic influences. While there is no doubt that those who designed Washington DC were occultic, it is not to say that all our forefathers were satanists. I know when they first established government it was on a masonic bible but I guess at some point it changed to the true Bible, because they did have the ten
commandments at the courthouses and such places. 

Sometimes the only method I can really share truth is through the Internet because talks can lead to arguments. I can only go as how God leads me and it seems to be in the most unconventional unorthodox ways. Apparentlyit works because God reveals a lot of truth to me. Of course this is where I’d get religious persecution for not submitting to some yoke of authority. Many Christians are heavily involved in such activities as bible
studies and is further deceived because of it. It is funny that churches have accountability classes which are so hypocritical because they don’t practice what they preach. If they truely believe in accountability then why don’t they hold religious and political leaders accountable? It sounds like hypocritical yoke of pharisees to me. The Bible speaks more
about individual salvation than group salvation. This is why I read the Bible on my own and work out my own salvation. Many families and churches does have a time
of group prayer but often it was wrong to continue in that because they are false prayers, or prayers in their falseness, which is ineffective. If those who are blind to the truth around them how can they pray and worship in a spirit of truth?

Rev 22:15 talks about those who are damned as murders,sorcerors,etc. As well as THOSE WHO LOVE AND PRACTICE FALSEHOOD. This would apply to most of the church and
republicans.This is why I have to be a rebel to the heretical church. But when you look at most of the great men of God throughout the bible they were outcasts of the church. Like ancient Israel rebuked the prophets then so do the the church these days. But I do avoid strife when I can.  Speaking about the spiritual rewards of crowns Revelations tells us that the saints will cast down their crowns at Jesus’ feet,so much for the crowns. In fact there is a christian band called CASTING CROWNS that exposes church hypocrisy and americanism.You’d think that this would get through to Christians. Also movies. I love the comicbook movies. A lot of them havegreat messages. Like Spiderman 3 had a great message of forgiveness. Also movies like Ghost Rider and Punisher have a great message about true justice, liberals hate that sort of thing. So I try to get along peacefully. Some professed Christians I try to avoid because they are really far gone. Others have the problem of passiveness and lukewarmness, others are phariseeism, others it is financial
problems. This is why they are vunerable to all these feel good doctrines. But you’d think at some point they would wake up because they continue to give to these charlatons and still struggle with this financial curse. I can’t really talk to such Christians about these phonies they look up to. It is as bad, if not worse, than trying to talk politics to them. I have in the past sent such Christians websites exposing Copeland and others and they dismissed such as haters of these preachers. Of course they also dismis me because I am not attending a church. It really wouldn’t matter if I did because their’s is a copout excuse.They would just say I am attending a false church (one that teaches truth). They dismis Chuck Baldwin as a liberal because he is not a lockstepper and dares to hold
Bush responsible for his actions. So many Christians are so hardened in their ways that I think it is impossible for them to change. All I can do is pray for such Christians that they would open their hearts to the truth.

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Thoughts On God Sending People To Hell For Eternity

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

there are those of course that say God is unmerciful for sending people to an eternal hell. There are a lot of false teachings about hell on the internet. But those that falsely condemned God for hell while saying all other religions don’t teach this is a total lie because the koran teaches that Allah is in hell torturing souls. I admit I am a little confused about an everloving God sending souls to an unmerciful torturous eternity that makes anything hateful terrorists do look mild. Maybe there is some loss in the translations concerning that. That would seem to make God unmerciful. I am praying about that because this is the worst of contradictions. If Jesus said that God treats his  enemies with kindness then that contradicts hell.

When I was young in my teens I was suicidal because of being an outcast. To think that if I had done it I could’ve been lost for all eternity in unspeakable torture. I don’t see
justice in that. Just over a mistake one would suffer all eternity. Hey,you know I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve heard all the talk about people sending themselves to hell and all that. Yes,I do believe there are consequences. I preach that all the time. Nevertheless, whether it is true or a gross mistranslation, I will still follow God but I can’t quite understand that part of Him if it is true. Hell was the kind of stuff I dwelt on when I was evil and I had desired to torture souls there because I was of a spirit of hatred. If God does the same then what is the difference? People are considered monsters if they are guilty of torture, and that is just temporary,not eternal.Justice is supposed to fit the crime. Hell is a lot more extreme than any crime and so it exceeds in punishment, making punishment worse than the crime. But just like the psalmists didn’t understand God but accepted His word, so will I. And now I will address the issue of spiritual rewards for Christians: I always thought of that as spiritual materialism or spiritual lust for power. I had been in churches promoting that and that had always came across to me as a bunch of bull. The way they promoted it made you think they were going to be spiritual dictators. Shows how little they know of the Bible. Jesus said that the greatest among you shall be a servant. Even Jesus came as a servant, so who are these fools that think they are better than their master? Wouldn’t it be so funny that if even such hypocrites make it to heaven, thinking that their reward will be to rule over us, end up being our servants? The joke is on them. A true saint of Christ does not lust for power in this world or the next. Jesus said that the humble will be exalted and the exalted will be humbled. When Jesus referred to parables of servants ruling over much wasn’t talking about heaven but the earthly
kingdom in which there will still be the natural descendents of Abraham after the second coming and into the new millennium. When I want to do a lot for God it is out of a true heart, to make Him proud and also for the sake of sparing everyone possible from a miserable eternity. If Satan had his hand in the origins of this christian nation, so he might have in the Bible translations, or how people may have misinterpreted them.

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The World Does a Better Job of Getting The Truth Out Than Does The Christian Community

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

It seems like the world does a better job of getting the truth out than the christian community. For example is the movies. Like NATIONAL TREASURE exposed the masonic roots of this country. Now if we have a christian doing movies they’d do the
opposite. They would do one saying how this country was rooted in christianity, nonsense like George Washington being bulletproof. I bet Christians want to see a movie all about that. I hope they never do. What would that end up serving as except idolatry for
George Washington? That wouldn’t lead people to Christ.

And then there is the music issue. I am not saying that any style is better than another, but that some styles would be better as an evangelical tool than others. You know how the christian community has often been portrayed as “sissy” and “weak” (some of that much deserved) and the more aggressive styles proves all those false notions wrong when christian bands are as heavy or more so than worldly bands. In other words beating them on their own turf and at their own game. This is why Satan is so mad because what
he meant for evil is being turned around for good. Why would Satan be threatened by those whose styles are not reaching the lost? To each their own. I myself listen to various styles, some more popular than others. I like what I like, not because anything is popular but maybe end up liking something that is popular. In fact when I fell into darkness it wasn’t out of any peer pressure, but quite the opposite. I had gotten sick of church and equated that with God, but I knew no better because I was raised in deception, so I did not really stray from the truth since I didn’t really have it, though I was raised in church. One thing I noticed with the satanic music is the passion. It inspired me so that it really
help caused my obsession with evil at the time. There is something to be said of the power of the tongue because I have witnessed it in my own life through opposites in music. Evil music inspires evil, good music inspires good. It is that and a spirit that is in the music. Even when I was evil I was aware that the bands I listened to weren’t necessarily
evil as the spirits working through their music. Jesus name is proof of power in the tongue. It has kept many from disaster. I have lived in many places that had heavy tornadic activity and I never once seen a tornado with my own eyes, only through video of others that recorded them. His name even works in my dreams.

About muslims, that they were more of a symptom than the root problem. I went as far as to say that they may well be the enemy God has raised up against us for our disobedience just like God did when Israel was in rebellion. I am just pointing out the symptom and saying that only God can save us now. NEVER DID I SAY THAT MUSLIMS ARE THE ROOT PROBLEM. This  preacher that advocates churches not being tax exempt also pointed out the same thing I had been saying that if this nation would truely repent and trust God that He would deliver us from our enemies. If God made Washington bulletproof then why can’t He do that with us?All I’m saying is that disaster seems to be a sure thing because all the imbeciles that claim to be christian don’t have a clue to what is going on. Jesus said my people perish for the lack of knowledge, even though one could argue that they are even His people.

Did you know that it is the republicans that are now attacking the radio talk shows. Trent
Lott has come out against them. It is all over their obsession with illegals. They want to shut down all voices of dissent. What hypocrisy when we attacked Saddam over the very same thing. According to their own logic we must now go after Bush and execute him. They said Saddam had to be stopped for the atrocities he committed. Well what about Bush’s atrocities. If anything is prevailent in this country it is HYPOCRISY. Bringing out the number of muslms is also exposing the lies about this phoney war on terror. When this country is full of terrorists there is no war on terror.

Also exposing the lie of fighting them in Iraq so we don’t over here. There is no doubt that there will be civil war here. It was even predicted if not designed by our forefathers.

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A Letter To A Christian Outcast

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

I know all about the outcast situation since it is the story of my life. In my childhood I was always moving around which made it impossible for me to ever fit in because I was always the new kid. As far as despised youth that is nothing new, but Paul told Timothy to not let anyone despise his youth. This goes to show that nothing ever changes. Jesus said that the world will hate you (the true followers). My personal experience was quite the opposite though. I had more enemies in church and christian schools than the times I went to public schools. I guess maybe Jesus was refering to religious hypocrites as the world, because they were Jesus’ enemies too. It was no wonder I was driven into such darkness growing up as a child with religious hypocrites. I guess it is really a blessing to be outcasts or else we would end up like the hypocrites. I am so used to rejection and being
outcast that I never lose sleep over it. I just hope those going through this don’t try to compromise in order to be accepted by wicked people. I know in times past I had compromised in order to avoid persecution and I still end up suffering it despite compromising. When you are different the enemy knows it and so doesn’t matter how much you try to hide it. Of course that only applies to true christians that are living a holy life because hypocrites have no Holy Spirit or spiritual power.

About the military, I hadn’t been a lockstep supporter of them since Clinton’s bogus attack on innocent serbs. This is why I may seem to come off as antimilitary, and a big reason why I am such an outcast living here in a Bible Belt red state. How can one defend our troops that are willing to kill innocent people? I feel sorry for any in the military that have been stuck in their situation against their will but I don’t feel sorry for those who want to sign up now,who ought to know better by how disastrous this war is.

Of course I’d back the military in a case of a legitimate war. Did you know that all the islamic hate groups in this country are being funded by the saudis? Talk about waging the wrong war! We are funding them through our oil dependency on them. Bush is close chums with the royal saudi terrorist family. THAT PROVES HOW FALSE THIS WAR IS!

Partisan politics is fruitless and in the flesh. Just like the Bible gave an example of how a pharisee prays, where he thanks God for not being like a tax collector. Today there are plenty that pray similarly that thank God that they are not like the liberal leftists when they are actually as bad if not worse. These hypocrites are so divisive over politics that
they would never try to reach any liberal because of their hatred for them. I see the fruits of their hatred on various blogs,where they are cursing and blaspheming God’s Name. These are the very same hypocrites that claim they are for morality. I have seen many of them even threaten murder against liberals. This proves how wicked and in the flesh these republicans are. I know at some point in the past I was a little guilty of this too but not to the extreme as in those examples. Even for Bush’s reelection in 2004 I was very reluctant and really wanted someone else. Were you also probably guilty of some of that hatred too at some point? Have you grown up out of that foolishness?

All these republican hypocrites still act as though we are still back in the Clinton era which proves what delusional reprobates they are. These fools still act like Bush is conservative when he has proven everything but. This also shows how easy it will be for the antichrist to take over with all these mindless fools that are incapable of intelligent thought.

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More Two – Faced NeoConservativism!

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

I never hear so much doubletalk as I do from these lockstepping republican talk shows. These neocons blame everything on liberal democrats of the very same thing that the republican leadership is guilty of. They blame liberals for illegal amnesty while it was Bush that was leading in pushing this policy. These hypocrites never seem to point out the obvious hypocrisy of Bush uniting with Ted Kennedy on several bills. Only a total hypocritical lunatic would just blame democrats when the republicans are ever so much a part of this. This amnesty bill that failed was more of Bush than the liberals. It was Bush that got sick the next day after it had failed because he was deeply disappointed. Some of
these talk show hosts are so two-faced it is unbelieveable. Some of them curse and bless Bush at the same time. Like one in particular is Mark Levin, who is good buddies with Sean Hannity. During the much heated debate over the amnesty bill Bush was pushing to pass Mark Levin spoke a pox on not only the liberals but even Bush and their houses. Now he is going on like he never said that. He is back to praising Bush. Anyone familiar with scripture knows that it says that a double minded person is unstable in all their ways and will receive nothing from God. All those who are fans of these hypocrites follow the same pattern. All who follow such ungodly heathens can expect to share their same fate.

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My Prophetic Dream Fulfilled … And Oh Yes Global Warming Is Real Too!

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

I don’t know if it made national news but yesterday there was a huge explosion at a gas plant in Dallas. Well before I woke up to hear about this I had a dream about some kind of fire or catastrophy in Dallas. Maybe it wasn’t prophetic but more of a word of knowledge, but either way it is proof God is revealing things to me. I have a lot of dreams of natural disasters. Maybe they are prophetic of coming judgment or something. Luckily there were only three people hurt in this and no one killed. That in itself was a miracle because this was downtown Dallas. There was even flying debris. One of the pieces of flying debris landed on a bridge but was no traffic at that time on it. This right here is proof of divine mercy because several could have been killed including car accidents from the flying debris, which were large pieces of metal and some gas tanks. But I am sure you notice that every time you hear the news there is disasters going on everywhere. They have wildfires in California and spreading into Utah. There are floods everywhere (almost
makes you wonder if there won’t be another great flood as in Noah’s day). They are having floods all across the states and even on the other side of the world, like China and Japan. Some blame this on global warming and others say it is just weather cycles. To me it is proof that we are indeed living in the last days. I am sure glad not to be here during the Great Tribulation because there will be true global warming then. The Earth will be scorched and the oceans dry up. I can’t even imagine how hot it’d be to dry up the oceans, but it is too hot for human endurance. It is odd that none of the religious leaders seem to point out these disasters and what it all means. It is proof that they are no better than all these hypocrite talk show hosts that claim to be christian, but never have anything to say about God. When all stand before God He is not going to be impressed by their political party affiliation. He will especially hold religious leaders accountable for all their silence and cowardice. No political party can save your soul. So people need to wake up and think that just because they are republican, american, or go to church that it doesn’t make you
automatically saved, but I think way too many do. .

I don’t know if these gifts make me a prophet but the Bible talks about the young and old having dreams and visions. Titles make little difference to me and usually avoid it in
order not to get puffed up. My main point is that I hear from God but there are those who don’t want to hear it because they love their lies more than God. That is why I warn these political idolaters because they put more emphasis on their corrupt politics than they do God.

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The Bush – Clinton Dynasty

Posted by soldierservant on July 21, 2007

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A news item appeared in the Financial Times last Friday that received
little notice. However, the hidden story behind this report is much
deeper and more complex. The FT report stated: “John Mack, Morgan
Stanley’s chief executive, is to invite senior staff to a fundraiser
for Hillary Clinton on Monday [yesterday], in a pointed endorsement of
the Democratic presidential hopeful from an important backer of
President George W. Bush in 2004.

“Mrs. Clinton, a New York senator, is scheduled to appear at the
fundraiser on the 41st floor of Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in Times

“The minimum donation for the event is $1000 per person but Mr. Mack
urged those attending to give $4,600, the maximum for the 2008
presidential campaign.

“Mr. Mack surprised many on Wall Street in the spring when he said he
and his wife, Christy, would support Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 bid.”

John Mack is not the first Bush supporter to jump on the Hillary
bandwagon. Neither will he be the last.

That wealthy and influential supporters of G.W. Bush are now
supporting Hillary Clinton only surprises those who have not been
paying attention. For the rest of us, this is merely par for the

The Bushes and Clintons go way back. They have been fast friends for
decades. Only a closely guarded media cover up has hidden this fact
from the general public.

As you will recall, George H.W. Bush was President of the United
States while William Jefferson Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.
During this time, it was very common for the two families (along with
G.W. Bush and Laura) to vacation together. This is well-known to those
who are familiar with the two families.

Yet, the connection between the Bushes and Clintons is much deeper
than simple friendship. They share a deep socio-political alliance as

Remember that it was President Bill Clinton who first proposed what
came to be called the USA Patriot Act. Of course, he failed to
convince a GOP Congress to approve the measure. However, G.W. Bush
succeeded where Clinton failed. Remember, too, that it was President
Bill Clinton who gave us NAFTA, something G.W. Bush has not only
supported but expanded into the SPP and a burgeoning North American
Community. Furthermore, both Bush and Clinton are major players in the
push for amnesty for illegal aliens. And the list just goes on and on.

Face it folks: the Bushes and Clintons are political soul mates.
Therefore, why should it be surprising that many Bush supporters are
now working for the Hillary Clinton campaign?

To believe that the Bushes and Clintons are political and
philosophical opponents is the height of absurdity. Both have the
support and do the bidding of the international elite. Both families
are imbedded in secret societies and globalist agendas. And mark my
words, the Bushes will be working behind the scenes for a Hillary
victory in 2008.

I will even be so bold as to say that the Bushes and Clintons are as
close as America has gotten to a crime family dynasty. If you are
brave at heart, do a little personal research into the connection
between these two families and the CIA’s infamous “extra curricular”
C-130 flights to Central and South America originating in and out of
Mena, Arkansas back in the ’80’s and early ’90’s.

Barak Obama needs to pray he doesn’t get too close to the Democratic
nomination. And the American people need to pray for a “Great
Awakening,” because another four or eight years of the Bush-Clinton
dynasty might turn this once-great constitutional republic into just
another banana republic.

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