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More Self – Delusion In The So – Called Pro – Life Movement

Posted by soldierservant on July 31, 2007

You see how they are even misguided in efforts against abortion. Well I guess at least they are doing something but it is going to take more than just prayers at abortion clinics. They are merely diverted by the symptom and not attacking the true source of the problem, which is Bush and congress. How can these hypocrites think that Bush is great when they are having to deal with abortion clinics because of him? Round and round
we go on the cycle of stupidity and it looks like it will never stop. Abortion clinics are not so much the problem themselves as it is those who put this into law and to protect murderers. This is like attacking one mosque to try to defeat terrorism. So what if they shut down one clinic when there are hundreds more to replace the one? This is all foolishness.

Be sure to tune in to today’s Faith and Action Live! broadcast when I’ll be joined by good friend and fellow minister Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition. We’ll be discussing the powerful and moving prayer vigils that took place during the “Wichita Awakening,” held in front of America’s most notorious abortion clinic, the Women’s Healthcare Services facility in Wichita, Kansas, this past Saturday and Sunday. Over 500 young people from around the country came to Kansas to participate and pray for an end to abortion. As I’m sure you’ve seen at our website (and if you haven’t, be sure visit for videos and articles of the event!) the image of 500 Christian leaders of tomorrow, urgently crying out to God in prayer, is something that gives me great hope that they will live to see the end of abortion in our country. But that’s not all that happened while we were there! To hear and see the things that took place behind scenes, as well as the full scoop on the main events, tune in to Faith and Action Live!, today!

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As always, thank you for all your prayers and support,

Your Missionary to Capitol Hill,

Rev. Rob Schenck

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