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Thoughts On God Sending People To Hell For Eternity

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

there are those of course that say God is unmerciful for sending people to an eternal hell. There are a lot of false teachings about hell on the internet. But those that falsely condemned God for hell while saying all other religions don’t teach this is a total lie because the koran teaches that Allah is in hell torturing souls. I admit I am a little confused about an everloving God sending souls to an unmerciful torturous eternity that makes anything hateful terrorists do look mild. Maybe there is some loss in the translations concerning that. That would seem to make God unmerciful. I am praying about that because this is the worst of contradictions. If Jesus said that God treats his  enemies with kindness then that contradicts hell.

When I was young in my teens I was suicidal because of being an outcast. To think that if I had done it I could’ve been lost for all eternity in unspeakable torture. I don’t see
justice in that. Just over a mistake one would suffer all eternity. Hey,you know I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve heard all the talk about people sending themselves to hell and all that. Yes,I do believe there are consequences. I preach that all the time. Nevertheless, whether it is true or a gross mistranslation, I will still follow God but I can’t quite understand that part of Him if it is true. Hell was the kind of stuff I dwelt on when I was evil and I had desired to torture souls there because I was of a spirit of hatred. If God does the same then what is the difference? People are considered monsters if they are guilty of torture, and that is just temporary,not eternal.Justice is supposed to fit the crime. Hell is a lot more extreme than any crime and so it exceeds in punishment, making punishment worse than the crime. But just like the psalmists didn’t understand God but accepted His word, so will I. And now I will address the issue of spiritual rewards for Christians: I always thought of that as spiritual materialism or spiritual lust for power. I had been in churches promoting that and that had always came across to me as a bunch of bull. The way they promoted it made you think they were going to be spiritual dictators. Shows how little they know of the Bible. Jesus said that the greatest among you shall be a servant. Even Jesus came as a servant, so who are these fools that think they are better than their master? Wouldn’t it be so funny that if even such hypocrites make it to heaven, thinking that their reward will be to rule over us, end up being our servants? The joke is on them. A true saint of Christ does not lust for power in this world or the next. Jesus said that the humble will be exalted and the exalted will be humbled. When Jesus referred to parables of servants ruling over much wasn’t talking about heaven but the earthly
kingdom in which there will still be the natural descendents of Abraham after the second coming and into the new millennium. When I want to do a lot for God it is out of a true heart, to make Him proud and also for the sake of sparing everyone possible from a miserable eternity. If Satan had his hand in the origins of this christian nation, so he might have in the Bible translations, or how people may have misinterpreted them.

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