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The World Does a Better Job of Getting The Truth Out Than Does The Christian Community

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

It seems like the world does a better job of getting the truth out than the christian community. For example is the movies. Like NATIONAL TREASURE exposed the masonic roots of this country. Now if we have a christian doing movies they’d do the
opposite. They would do one saying how this country was rooted in christianity, nonsense like George Washington being bulletproof. I bet Christians want to see a movie all about that. I hope they never do. What would that end up serving as except idolatry for
George Washington? That wouldn’t lead people to Christ.

And then there is the music issue. I am not saying that any style is better than another, but that some styles would be better as an evangelical tool than others. You know how the christian community has often been portrayed as “sissy” and “weak” (some of that much deserved) and the more aggressive styles proves all those false notions wrong when christian bands are as heavy or more so than worldly bands. In other words beating them on their own turf and at their own game. This is why Satan is so mad because what
he meant for evil is being turned around for good. Why would Satan be threatened by those whose styles are not reaching the lost? To each their own. I myself listen to various styles, some more popular than others. I like what I like, not because anything is popular but maybe end up liking something that is popular. In fact when I fell into darkness it wasn’t out of any peer pressure, but quite the opposite. I had gotten sick of church and equated that with God, but I knew no better because I was raised in deception, so I did not really stray from the truth since I didn’t really have it, though I was raised in church. One thing I noticed with the satanic music is the passion. It inspired me so that it really
help caused my obsession with evil at the time. There is something to be said of the power of the tongue because I have witnessed it in my own life through opposites in music. Evil music inspires evil, good music inspires good. It is that and a spirit that is in the music. Even when I was evil I was aware that the bands I listened to weren’t necessarily
evil as the spirits working through their music. Jesus name is proof of power in the tongue. It has kept many from disaster. I have lived in many places that had heavy tornadic activity and I never once seen a tornado with my own eyes, only through video of others that recorded them. His name even works in my dreams.

About muslims, that they were more of a symptom than the root problem. I went as far as to say that they may well be the enemy God has raised up against us for our disobedience just like God did when Israel was in rebellion. I am just pointing out the symptom and saying that only God can save us now. NEVER DID I SAY THAT MUSLIMS ARE THE ROOT PROBLEM. This  preacher that advocates churches not being tax exempt also pointed out the same thing I had been saying that if this nation would truely repent and trust God that He would deliver us from our enemies. If God made Washington bulletproof then why can’t He do that with us?All I’m saying is that disaster seems to be a sure thing because all the imbeciles that claim to be christian don’t have a clue to what is going on. Jesus said my people perish for the lack of knowledge, even though one could argue that they are even His people.

Did you know that it is the republicans that are now attacking the radio talk shows. Trent
Lott has come out against them. It is all over their obsession with illegals. They want to shut down all voices of dissent. What hypocrisy when we attacked Saddam over the very same thing. According to their own logic we must now go after Bush and execute him. They said Saddam had to be stopped for the atrocities he committed. Well what about Bush’s atrocities. If anything is prevailent in this country it is HYPOCRISY. Bringing out the number of muslms is also exposing the lies about this phoney war on terror. When this country is full of terrorists there is no war on terror.

Also exposing the lie of fighting them in Iraq so we don’t over here. There is no doubt that there will be civil war here. It was even predicted if not designed by our forefathers.

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