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The Pagan Sabbath And Harry Potter: What Is The Difference?

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

About a decade ago the subject of this false sabbath the church celebrates came to my attention and then at this time was when I had listened to my church’s lies to which they
gave some flimsy excuse, I forget what it was now. Since I recently came
across this again in my research it really makes me think that this is
no small trivial matter. Like what I mentioned before about those who
were persecuted for observing the true sabbath, from both catholic and
protestant alike.I know the enemy doesn’t persecute over nothing so
there must be something to it.If the sabbath observance is truely a
trivial matter then why has the true sabbath been fought so hard
against? Oh yeah,now I recall what the excuse: thatit was
under the old testament law and that the seventh day as sabbath was just
a jewish custom that christians don’t need to observe. Well then why
didn’t the rest of the ten commandments change?That was obviously a
bunch of lies.I can’t understand people with such mindsets that think they know more than God.I just can’t fathom such arrogance. I believe that it is due to this lie that has opened all kinds
of doors of Satan to the church. Satan is a legalist and therefore he has
legal grounds against the church which is why they have had every kind
of problem under the sun you can think of. This is how witches can get
away with coming into a church with full power over their
enemies,placing curses,teaching and pastoring churches. This is why the
church has been powerless and broke.This is why God is not in their
midst.Yet you hear all these hypocrites swear about the moving of God in
their church.If that were so then why do they never grow?The fact that
they are always easily deceived means they are never maturing.The fact
that they never learn truth proves that it is eiher in their mind or
counterfeit spirits.The Holy Spirit is not only the comforter but also
the teacher of God’s truth.If the Spirit really moved in these churches
He wouldn’t leave them to their ignorance.Only the enemy encourages
ignorance.Much that goes on is nonsense. Like Christians is caught up in
some class now teaching how to worship.How stupid do you have to be?If
you don’t have a heart for God you will never understand worship or
anything else of God.It is just more carnal nonsense.I talked to them about the importance of stopping abortion and he told me it is more important to deal with people’s struggles first. You see,it is more of that psychological self help nonsense.These fools teaching about worship prove their ignorance when they don’t see the importance of the
real sabbath.I think one of the major deceptions of those who buy into a
great endtime revival will be given over to compromise and acceptance of
all kinds of false teachings for some feelgood doctrines.I like to be
able to believe that sort of thing but I can’t find any biblical support
for any such thing as an endtime revival.Everything I read is that it is
all bad.People that are willing to believe that it will be all good are
in danger of being given over to the delusion that the antichrist is
christ.The Bible gave us clear warning that when they declare peace
sudden destruction will then come.

That Harry Potter series is paving the way for the antichrist and you see how the church has gone bonkers in not only accepting this garbage but are the biggest promoters of it. Local radioshow hosts that all claim to be christian but are as worldly as could be,all of them were really pushing Harry Potter. This series blasphemes Christ and all his true followers. How can any christian support something that openly blasphemes Christ? If you know any Harry Potter fans I’d advise you not to even bother because they are totally given over to the antichrist. I know this from my own experience when I
once contacted one these blasphemous talk show hosts on this subject. The guy was dumber than crap. Also the biggest supporters of the DaVinci Code are christians. A family member’s church promoted that when it came out. You
know what their silly excuse was?They was saying that we need to
familiarize ourselves with that movie or book in order to effectively
counter the lies and deceptions taught in it. Have you ever heard such
nonsense? That is like saying that you have to read a book of witchcraft
in order to denounce it. These churches are run by totally complete
morons corrupt to the core.It is no wonder the church is in such a
mess. This is why I refuse to go to a house of blasphemy. I guess the best
way we can honor the sabbath is to stay clear of all these liars and
just worship God among ourselves. You are right about John Hagee. I have
never seen someone act as haughty as he does. He tells flat out lies.He
says that taking God’s name in vain is the unpardonable sin but that
totally contradicts what Jesus said. Jesus said all manner of blasphemy
against him or the Father will be forgiven but not against the Holy
Spirit. Hagee comes across as a legalistic arrogant pharisee that is a
part of this golden calf pagan sunday worshippers. I believe the modern
pharisees are even worse than the originals. At least the original
pharisees observed the true sabbath and not a pagan day as sabbath. This
kind of brings new meaning to the scripture where Jesus said that our
righteousness must surpass that of the pharisees,  since a lot these days are worse off.

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