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Sun Myung Moon

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

I did some searches on Sun Myung Moon and found it astounding. I noticed that this was
really hushed up in the media. I don’t know if you have heard but Jerry Falwell
accepted money from him and delivered him from the enormous debt he was in. So it is apparent that Falwell sold out. I also found out that he was indeed a full blown lockstepper that thought Bush could do no wrong. The thing about some of these sites is some lack of credibility. One site that I thought was exposing the falseness of SMM ended up agreeing and praising him. They embraced this false peace and false love. Also other
sites blame only the conservatives that embraced him, but am sure that liberals did too, so there is a lot of unbalanced sources. The facts of SMM speak for themselves but it looks bad when someone puts their own partial spin on it. People will dismis it if it is not presented in an objective way, so I will keep on to try to find legitimate sources on
this. I’m not sure what all this means, If Sun Myung Moon is a part of the new world order, or is the new world order, or if the new world order is a compilation of false religions and secret societies?

Also found out about Allah, that he was a pre-islamic pagan god. This proves that those in
deception are even deceived about their own religion.That explains their crescent moon symbol that is predominant in islam.  But it seems like chrstians are always suffering financially and end up giving into temptation of receiving bribes from evil men. I guess it is a satanic conspiracy to keep the righteous from prospering. This is why I wonder about any of these wealthy preachers that have no financial cares, that must have compromised with the god of this world. It seems like only the corrupt are wealthy. Just like catholics are real weathy, especially the pope. Why don’t that self righteous hypocrite give his enomous wealth to he suffering and poor? This exposes the falseness of him. About some Christians mom it is hard to tell. I try to warn them of things like about the occultic
origins of our nation. This subject does get confusing because there does seem to be a mixture of both christian and occultic influences. While there is no doubt that those who designed Washington DC were occultic, it is not to say that all our forefathers were satanists. I know when they first established government it was on a masonic bible but I guess at some point it changed to the true Bible, because they did have the ten
commandments at the courthouses and such places. 

Sometimes the only method I can really share truth is through the Internet because talks can lead to arguments. I can only go as how God leads me and it seems to be in the most unconventional unorthodox ways. Apparentlyit works because God reveals a lot of truth to me. Of course this is where I’d get religious persecution for not submitting to some yoke of authority. Many Christians are heavily involved in such activities as bible
studies and is further deceived because of it. It is funny that churches have accountability classes which are so hypocritical because they don’t practice what they preach. If they truely believe in accountability then why don’t they hold religious and political leaders accountable? It sounds like hypocritical yoke of pharisees to me. The Bible speaks more
about individual salvation than group salvation. This is why I read the Bible on my own and work out my own salvation. Many families and churches does have a time
of group prayer but often it was wrong to continue in that because they are false prayers, or prayers in their falseness, which is ineffective. If those who are blind to the truth around them how can they pray and worship in a spirit of truth?

Rev 22:15 talks about those who are damned as murders,sorcerors,etc. As well as THOSE WHO LOVE AND PRACTICE FALSEHOOD. This would apply to most of the church and
republicans.This is why I have to be a rebel to the heretical church. But when you look at most of the great men of God throughout the bible they were outcasts of the church. Like ancient Israel rebuked the prophets then so do the the church these days. But I do avoid strife when I can.  Speaking about the spiritual rewards of crowns Revelations tells us that the saints will cast down their crowns at Jesus’ feet,so much for the crowns. In fact there is a christian band called CASTING CROWNS that exposes church hypocrisy and americanism.You’d think that this would get through to Christians. Also movies. I love the comicbook movies. A lot of them havegreat messages. Like Spiderman 3 had a great message of forgiveness. Also movies like Ghost Rider and Punisher have a great message about true justice, liberals hate that sort of thing. So I try to get along peacefully. Some professed Christians I try to avoid because they are really far gone. Others have the problem of passiveness and lukewarmness, others are phariseeism, others it is financial
problems. This is why they are vunerable to all these feel good doctrines. But you’d think at some point they would wake up because they continue to give to these charlatons and still struggle with this financial curse. I can’t really talk to such Christians about these phonies they look up to. It is as bad, if not worse, than trying to talk politics to them. I have in the past sent such Christians websites exposing Copeland and others and they dismissed such as haters of these preachers. Of course they also dismis me because I am not attending a church. It really wouldn’t matter if I did because their’s is a copout excuse.They would just say I am attending a false church (one that teaches truth). They dismis Chuck Baldwin as a liberal because he is not a lockstepper and dares to hold
Bush responsible for his actions. So many Christians are so hardened in their ways that I think it is impossible for them to change. All I can do is pray for such Christians that they would open their hearts to the truth.

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