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Earthquake Kelly: Standing Strong On Abortion!

Posted by soldierservant on July 27, 2007

Bishop Earthquake Kelley warned us as well as others. It also shows the sickening pictures of the aborted babies. We do this to expose the utter wickedness of these Bushbots that continue to support Bush after he has refused to stop this when he could have. NO ONE WILL STAND BEFORE GOD AND GIVE A COPOUT
EXCUSE THAT THIS COULD NOT BE STOPPED.THESE HYPOCRITES WILL TRY TO PASS THE BUCK OFF TO THE LIBERAL LEFT BUT SERIOUS JUDGMENT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN UNDER BUSH’S TERM,SO THAT NO ONE CAN DENY HIS WICKEDNESS!You show this to any wicked lockstepper and tell them that the subject of those gruesome pictures are what they are supporting. These hypocrites go on and on about what terrorists do to us. Nick Berg was mild by comparison. This abortion is what is happening to the most innocent among us. Ask them how they can expect to escape God’s wrath when they support such atrocities. This is why I feel so many professed Christians are hopelessly lost. They make excuses for this. I forwarded that site to some I know also, as a warning. All these blasphemous idolaters talk about how noble our
military is,dying for our freedoms. Freedoms for what? Abortion! Our
soldiers are dying so we can slaughter the unborn?God will not put up
with this blasphemous mockery of this country.I say to hell with our
soldiers!That is where most of them will end up no doubt.All this BS you
hear about our military being moral and family oriented is all a big fat
lie!My friend was in the navy for a while and they were the biggest
bunch of whoremongers.My friend got corrupted out of his experience in
the service than before he joined.Everything about this country is a lie
and why it will ultimately be destroyed.It is all a matter of when,not
if.We are the most blasphemous nation on earth.It is only the likes
of those like us that have kept it from already being long destroyed.The
arrogance of those that claim to be christian say that God can’t judge
us.He has and He will.I believe those of us who are true will escape the
Great Tribulation but all the locksteppers will be left behind.Even then
it will be a miracle if they wise up if they aren’t given to the strong
delusion.But if they are not eternally damned they will go through hell
on earth.It is hard to find all the quotes that I heard from Bishop
Earthquake Kelley but he had other warnings.Like to the church.He said
that some false preachers will die right on the pulpit.What you think
happened to Jerry Falwell might have been totally opposite reason.Maybe
God took him not to save him from himself but to save others from him.It
is like what the Bible says that judgment begins in the house of God.It
is good we are not in those apostate churches so we won’t be in the
middle of things when the dirt hits the fan.I think maybe God has taken
us out of the church because of His judgment on them.The only true
church of revelation is the philadelphia church,which is what we are.

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